The Influential Work of Adam Milstein

There are many influential people in the world. Each have contributed something unique. Looking at the influential work of Adam Milstein, as an Israeli philanthropist, it shows how one individual can make a significant difference in the lives of everyone. As co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, being a part of Israeli-American Council, as well as being a part of other outreaches, he has shown how influential he is.

Born in Israel, Adam Milstein in 1971 would Israel Defensive Forces, where he would serve until 1973. After his time in the service, he would attend college and eventually earn a Bachelor’s of Science, in economics and business.

After school he found a passion as a real estate developer, something he would take over from his father. Specifically, he would help his father expand the real estate construction and development business. He would later he get his Master’s in Business Administration, which led to him becoming a commercial real estate agent.

With his many accolades, Milstein has proven to be a successful businessman, and a devout philanthropist, showing how influential he has made himself. Part of his success is attributed to what he has accomplished through the Milstein foundation. Formed in 2000, this foundation’s purpose is to help strengthen the state of Israel and help unify the Jewish people. Along with other goals, Milstein has become an influential figure through this foundation.

One of his goals is to help provide future Jewish generations of their heritage and the importance of their home, Israel. Furthermore, the foundation is built on philanthropy, using funding organizations, projects, and programs, which is further explained on Adam Milstein’s website. Milstein’s organization is to ultimately show the fortitude of the Jewish people, and how they are connected to their state of Israel.

According to Jewish Journal, Adam Milstein continues to extend his influence beyond his business, by also being a writer. He has written numerous articles that have covered Jewish pride, the state of Israel, the Israeli military, and Israeli-Americans. His success with his foundation as well as his business acumen. He overall defines what it means to be influential.

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