Tammy Mazzocco’s Journey to Becoming an Excellent Real Estate Agent

Tammy Mazzocco is a leading realtor and sales agent in Columbus, Ohio who is very passionate about his job. She is currently working at ReMax and is a team member of the Judy Gand & Associates. Tammy’s specializes on Buyer’s Agents and Listing Agents. She is an excellent realtor with a thorough understanding of her duties thanks to the experience that she has gathered for more than twenty years that she has worked as a licensed real estate agent.

Tammy’s Work Experience

Tammy Mazzocco started her real estate profession as a secretary at a commercial real estate firm known as The Edwards Realty Company. She worked with a team of nine commercial realtors under the great leadership of Mile Zelnik. Tammy spent seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums inc. During this period she was licensed to become a real estate agent in 1995 at the recommendation of the general manager of Scotland Yard, Ken Cook of Cook Realty. Mr. Cook played a great role in teaching and encouraging Tammy in her early real estate profession. Check out her website tammymazzocco.com for details.

Tammy left Scotland Yard and became a multi-site property manager at T&R Properties. She was in charge of an office warehouse complex and two apartment complexes. During summer in 1998, Tammy became a certified personal assistant in the Victorian Village section of Columbus for Joe Armeni, a top RE/MAX producer. Seeing the daily operations of a top successful realtor and developer while working with Joe made Tammy Mazzocco to pursue real estate as a full-time profession in 1999. In 2000, she joined the Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington. Since then, Judy Gang has mentored and greatly inspired Tammy. Currently, Tammy sells residential properties in Fairfield, Franklin, Delaware, and Licking Counties in Central Ohio.

The Secret to Her Success

Tammy brings ideas to life through brainstorming, researching, and coming up with a business plan to test the achievability of the idea. To become successful in what she does, she sets goals and breaks them down into daily, weekly, and monthly action steps. She offers customer service which makes her get repeat business and many referrals. See more: https://about.me/tammy-mazzocco

How She Embraces Technology in Her Work

Tammy has adopted modern technology in her work, and through a video call, she can show you the property you want to purchase. The trend of video calling excites her because she can easily close a sale through face to face appointment with a client than over a phone call. She also uses other software that assists her to keep in contact with her clients, more details can be found on her Crunchbase profile.

Tammy is a skilled and experienced realtor best at closing sales. She focuses on what is best for the client and values each and every one of her clients. Other than real estate, Tammy is interested in sales, entrepreneurship, and health. Contact her today to get the best properties in Columbus, Ohio.

Check out her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-mazzocco-17897113a/