Spark Tank Announces Its Second Winner

In the year of 2016, the businessman Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora introduced to the media their newest idea, the Spark Tank, a way of giving grants and charitable donations, usually of $5,000, to non-profitable organizations. They do it through a system where organizations can apply to receive grants and then they choose the next winners of the program.



In August of 2016, they announced the 2nd winner, Mommies in Need, an organization that offers nannies to families where there is the case of a health emergency. These families are the ones that desperately need childcare services but cannot afford one. The program donated to them a grant that will help them be able to provide more nannies and help more families raise their kids safely while also allowing them to invest their money in providing other essential things to their children.



With the grant, Mommies in Need is already utilizing the invested money to find a bilingual nanny for families that do not speak English, as well as a childcare specialist that has experience and knowledge to take care of children with special needs.



Spark Tank has some rules on who can apply to receive the donation. The organization must be a 501c3 one, and they have to be operating for at least two years and have a cause with no means of profit. They have a surveying team that listens to the purpose of these organizations (they have a total of 10 minutes to explain their goals!), and then the team asks a few more questions to see if they think the organization is going to be the next one to receive the donation. After all, the group has limited earnings, so they want to help the organizations that have the most important goals and those where Spark Tank can notice an immediate result after the funding.



Marc Spark, one of the minds behind this idea of financing non-profit organizations, speaks about how he wanted to mainly show the representatives of these agencies how their initial presentation is crucial to making their cause stand out. It’s not all just about having a noble goal, but “they also have to know how to tell the story and ask for the donation” he said.



One of the biggest achievements of Marc and Lynne is how they were able to grow a small homeless shelter, The Samaritan Inn, to a $3,000,000 organization that houses and feeds over 200 people every day. The program has a lot of potentials, but they need to know how to ask for the grants – Marc says.



Marc Sparks has more to his past than a philanthropical figure that wants to help other organizations assist their communities. He was a businessman that began and founded many successful companies during his days as an entrepreneur. The man has books were written and interviews about how to be successful and achieve your dreams.