Securus Technologies Recently Makes Corrections on a Press Release

Leading telecommunications company Securus Technologies has recently issued a number of corrections to a press release by competitor GTL on June of 2016. According to sources, Global Tel Link had a press release that contained a number of statements that were found to be false and inaccurate. As a result, Securus Technologies has looked to correct the press release so that it reveals true and correct information. With this effort, Securus Technologies will be in position to help provide clarification and credibility among members in the telecommunications industry.


Over the most recent months, Securus Technologies has made a number of corrections that will help allow consumers to gain a more accurate perspective on recent trends in the telecommunications industry. The company has made a number of corrections to multiple statements made by Global Tel Link. With these corrections, the available information in press releases will now be providing the truth about recent facts about the telecommunications industry.


Securus Technologies has made corrections on a number of recent allegations by Global Tel Link. One of these was one in which GTL stated that a recent decision by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board allows GTL to move forward in seeking injunctions for damages by Securus. However, Securus Technologies countered by saying that GTL is now unable to seek any legal action which includes being unable to seek injunctions for damages.


Another allegation made by GTL was that all 55 claims of the 816 patent were preserved. This means that GTL has technology for video visitation monitoring in prisons. According to Securus Technologies, GTL is only asserting one individual claim,


In the third allegation, Global Tel Link said that they are pleased that the innovations they made are patentable. However, Securus made a correction which said that the PTAB did not determine that GTL has any innovations that can be patented.



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