Helping Children

Anthony Petrello has a huge heart for others. Although he leads a large company, his passion in life is helping children who are hurting. He spends a lot of time with a local children’s hospital for several years. Not only does he want to make a difference in their lives, but he has been in the situation where his daughter was sick. Anthony Petrello understands how difficult it can be as a parent to see your children hurting.

Anthony Petrello

In the early part of his career, he wanted to do a great work in business. He has accomplished that in many ways. Not only is he doing a great job leading his company, but a lot of people looking up to him in the industry for his great work on a variety of subjects. If you want to learn from how he was able to succeed, there are several lessons to take away. First of all, he never stopped working on his dream. This is not typical, as many people start to lose their will to work hard once they reach success. Anthony Petrello still works long and hard days in order to drive success in these areas.

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Next Steps

In the coming years, Anthony Petrello wants to continue to help others in his local area. He has some plans for his business that he is excited about as well. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in the business, he is ready to change his life for the better.

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