George Soros; The Greatest Investor & Philanthropist

Personal profile

George Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1947. He fled the country during the Nazi-occupation from England. He joined the London school of economics and obtained certification and worked at a local investment bank in London. George Soros immigrated to the United States in the year 1956 and held the positions of an analyst and investment managers in three investment firms located in the New York City.

In 1973, George Soros decided to start his venture and founded the great hedge fund called Soros Fund Management which is now the well renounced Quantum Fund. For more than twenty years, he had successfully and aggressively run his fund and earned himself more than thirty percent profit every year. On two occasions he was reported to have earned himself more than one hundred percent profit on Time.

He gave up the day to day management of the vast quantum fund in the year 1980 as one of the worlds’ richest people. George Soros then became a philanthropist and donated vast amounts of money through his founded Open Source Foundations. In the past years, Soros has decided to venture into political activism. He has extensively lectured and written on the United States role in issues that deal with human rights, education and political freedom as well as world affairs.

When the University of Oxford offered George Soros an honorary degree and answered the question, he was asked how he wanted to be described, and he said that he would like to be called a philosophical speculator, philanthropist, and financial speculator t This is the overall summation of George Soros, and the adjectival phrase is very fortunate can be added to this description.

Investment Style

Soros was a genius in translating the harsh economic climate into high leverage for generating substance. As a speculator, he was a short term investor and made enormous bets towards the direction of the economic market on Biography. He believed that this market could be chaotic. Currencies and security prices depend on the traders and the human beings involved in the markets and both the non-professional and professional who sell and buy the assets. These people act on emotions and not based on the logical considerations. For further reading, please visit Investopedia.

Soros Plan

The EU must accept the responsibility that they lack a common refugee policy and that has transformed from the growing number of refugees to a political crisis to a manageable problem. Every member of the state is focusing selfish interests and not the interest of others. The panic among the refugees and the public has been precipitated. The refugees are the worst victims.

A comprehensive plan is what the EU needs for it to respond vividly to the crisis. The plan is one that reasserts legal authority over the asylum seekers flows to take place in an orderly, safe, and a pace reflecting the capacity of Europe to absorb the refugees. For the plan to be comprehensive enough, it must extend beyond the borders of Europe. For further reading, please visit MarketWatch.

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