Duda Melzer and his exemplary accomplishments

Often, career advisors say that one’s background plays a significant role when it comes to shaping his or her record in the future career. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s seems to accord with the sayings. Born and raised in a business environment, today, Melzer is a renowned individual within the streets of Brazil.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer often called Duda serves as the seating President of RBS Group, a well-established company in Brazil. Duda was promoted to the company’s President in 2016 after several years of operation in senior positions. Duda Melzer, a distinguished business individual, was born in the south of Brazil in 1972. The talented individual grew in the city of Porto Alegre. Check out Clicrbs for more info.

Many would say that Duda is operating in Brazil where he was born, and this acts to his advantage. From a professional’s perspective, Duda Melzer is well-positioned to understand the market of his home country. Duda’s career profession emerged at his early ages. The successful leader began working as a franchisee for Sweet Sweet Way. However, the business didn’t proceed well, and Duda was forced to quit.

The disappointment didn’t shutter Duda’s dreams. Instead, the successful entrepreneur set his head high and proceeded to pursue to solve the maze of his career. Duda moved the US and joined the Delphi Corporation director of Box Top Media. In the US, Duda served as an analyst, an undertaking that he claims to have boosted his analysis skills.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer joined the RBS Group in 2004. Duda’s journey began as the general director of the national market, a task that he enjoyed handling, owing to his little knowledge on the international market. Within a shorter time, Duda’s efforts at the company would be greatly felt, and this influenced his promotion to finally the position he holds today.

Duda Melzer schooled at the Harvard Business School. Duda pursued business related courses and graduated with favorable results. The courses upgraded his skill games to a leader that we all know today. Apart from working at RBS group, Duda also serves as the President of e.Bricks Ventures, a renowned e-commerce enterprise. Duda’s skills and career progress has always seen him approached to give speeches during international forums.

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