Dr. David Samadi Launches A New Show To Educate Masses On Health Issues

From September 2017, there will be a new show to educate masses on health, diseases and the latest treatment methods that researchers have invested in.Dr. David Samadi is launching the program and he will be the facilitator of the show. The show will be dubbed ‘’Sunday Housecall’. Being an informative show, it shall focus on key medical issues that affect societies. It will also highlight treatment methods for people.

Features of the Program

Sunday Housecall is set to commence on Sundays and will be aired at 12:30 pm. Interested viewers will access the program on Twitter, YouTube Live and Facebook. There is also the option of watching the show through DrSamadiTV.com. The show will host interesting guests and specialists from medical teams, wellness, health as well as fitness. The main agenda of hosting these teams will be to discuss interesting health topics. Dr.David Samadi is set to provide sought after answers for disturbing, health questions. He will also offer advice regarding good health and maintenance.

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Topics That Will Be Featured

Some of the topics that the show will cover include prostate health, food, diets, exercise, the health of women, sexual health and prostate health. There shall be other trending topics as well. Being a live show, viewers are allowed to call in and ask questions. There is also the email option. Every question will be addressed by a health specialist. Dr. David Samadi stated that his lines are open for communication. He will also be associating with health specialists that can assist. Dr. David Samadi has a strong platform that offers help in medical issues. He has developed strong working rapport that has seen him successful to this extent. His extensive knowledge on health and medical issues better place him on the most important charts to refer to in medical crisis. Samadi has authored a book with the focus of promoting health.

Samadi’s Profile

Dr. David Samadi is a lead executive at the Urology and Robotic Surgery. The institution is in Lenox Hill Hospital. He has extensive knowledge on key areas like traditional as well as laparoscopic surgery. Samadi has vast experience in prostate surgery. He is also good at early detection of critical illnesses. His mission is linked to facilitating the awareness of diseases on time. This is aimed at early detection in order to save lives. His new show is meant to educate people on the importance of early detection of diseases and treatment.

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