Don Ressler: The Story of His Success as an Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is one of the founders of JustFab, along with Adam Goldberg. Their company has just undergone a recent change, removing the old company name “JustFab” in exchange for a fresh, new, catchy sounding name: TechStyle. Don Ressler has been an entrepreneur for a number of years, and one of his expertises is the establishment of successful business start-ups. His first start-up, which was established more than a decade ago, has been bought by a larger company called Intermix Media in 2001. He met Adam Goldenberg in 2001, as he was the chief operating officer of Intermix Media back then. They became good friends, and established Alena Media in the process. During this time, the profit being made from e-commerce and advertising has raked in millions of dollars for their company, and the two decided that Intermix Media be acquired by News Corp in 2005. According to, News Corp ignored the profitable Intermix Media, and the company they have built started to fall on its knees. Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg left, and explored new opportunities along the way.

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The two knows about their skills, so they decided to create an enterprise which would build brands, along with the autonomy to execute the operations. They gathered former members of Alena Media and started a brain storming activity, as to how they could go back into the business of e-commerce on Brandettes. Within two weeks, their brainstorming has resulted into the birth of Brand Ideas, which would later be renamed into Intelligent Beauty. It became a direct to consumer firm that introduced a lot of brands. Dermstore was one of their brands, focusing on skin care and cosmetics. The next brand that they built was Sensa, a weight loss system which has been proven to be successful. They reached out for the help of their former colleagues to become the brand’s product developer and chief executive officer. The two brands that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg released became an instant hit, and in the few months that they were operating, the two brands have been raking in millions of dollars in profit. In 2008, the two accepted a $43 million funding from the company known as Technology Crossover Ventures, and this resulted in the launching of Intelligent Beauty’s third brand, which is JustFab, an e-commerce retail business with subscription services. JustFab became an instant hit with shoppers found around the globe, and it put Don Ressler into new heights, cementing their reputation in the e-commerce world.

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