Dick DeVos Has Made Giving a Lifetime Habit

Dick DeVos, Jr., the son of Amway founder Dick DeVos, Sr., is one of my favorite philanthropists. He has perfected the fine art of giving back to one’s community. The billionaire entrepreneur and former owner of the Orlando Magic makes giving to causes he believes in a huge part of how he operates. DeVos’s philanthropic activity includes donations to various educational pursuits, funding to local infrastructure, support to non-profit organizations that help the homeless, and many other causes. He has recently come clean about the extent of his giving. All of these years Mr. DeVos chose to do his philanthropic activities in a quiet and humble manner. Since disclosing this information, one thing is clear: not only does this billionaire gives back in a big way!  He uses his social influence to improve his local community in a big way. Another inspiring quality about Dick DeVos is how he gets his family involved in the giving as well. He and his wife often partner up to work together on various causes. They also work in partnership with their children on different projects. It is so heartening to see someone with a lot of money and influence to use it for the greater good. So often we see rich people spend their money selfishly. That is simply not the case with the DeVos family. They are definitely committed to making the world a better place. I think these are very admirable qualities.

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  1. Not only is this man very generous himself, he is and his family are highly influential at evoking generosity from others within their social set. Even if superior writing service does not like it, it may not work out as planned.

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