Copa Star’s Exemplary Medical Services in Rio

Copa Star is the first medical facility that has been established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to offer world-class healthcare services. The hospital was launched by its founders in November 2016, and its excellent reputation has spread across the region. The amenities that the facility provides are modern and luxurious, and cannot be matched by any hospital that has ever been established in the area. The hospital stands out due to the state-of-the-art technology, machines, and equipment that it owns. It has been serving patients who need specialized treatment such as cardiac care and neurological surgery. Individuals who visit the hospital can recover quickly due to the comfortable environment that it provides. One of the co-founders of Copa Star Hospital is a cardiology specialist who is known as Jorge Moll. He believes that the hospital is the only one that has implemented the concept of a five-star hotel in Rio.

The reputation of the medical facility stands out due to its excellent diagnostic equipment, modern surgery equipment, and remarkable customer services. All these abilities enable it to provide top-notch healthcare to all its patients. Copa Star also believes that patients need exceptional therapeutic services and comfort for them to recover well. The accommodation solutions of the company can be personalized to suit the needs of any individual who is admitted there. Its reception and lobbies are also well decorated, and they offer an attractive image. The recovery rooms that the patients are offered are remarkable and have beautiful designs that make them look like a five-star hotel suite.

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Copa Star is focused on being one of the world’s leading centers for offering cardiac and neurological treatment. The compound of the world-class medical facility covers approximately 21,000 square meters. The hospital also boasts of its 59 intensive care units that have modern technology that enables patients to recuperate quickly. Copa Star has over 500 employees who work in various departments and are trained in using its facilities. All its 113 doctors hold international licenses and have been sourced from different regions of the world.

The founder of Copa Star invested more than $100 million in acquiring the latest medical equipment and machines that have ever been established. The hospital owns smart operating theaters, MRI Machines, hybrid diagnostic centers, cardiology equipment, robotic operation devices, and neurosurgery facilities. Copa Star has simplified patient-staff communication by offering iPads that have a hospitality management system to its guests.

Hospital Copa Star is committed to transforming the quality of the medical services that are offered in Brazil and other parts of the globe. It has also been making sure that patients enjoy their privacy when they are admitted. The hospital has made Rio to be acknowledged as one of the cities where individuals can visit to access high-quality healthcare. Read more at about Copa Star.