A Safe World With Securus Technology.


Security is crucial for every government to operate peacefully. One of the greatest enemies to the development and forward thriving of the economy, in any country, is insecurity. A lot of money is spent on repairing, medical attention, and taking care of any destruction caused by insecurity. Security starts from within us, that is, every individual has a call to maintain peace and order by doing the right thing, at the right time and at the right place. However, people being as wicked as they are, they always commit illegal and immoral things.

Breaking the law subjects someone to imprisonment. Being in prison doesn’t mean there is reluctance as far as security is concerned but security is made even tighter inside the prisons. Having phones in cells may dictate that bad missions can still be accomplished by inmates. Weapons are not allowed to prevent more sins. Life in prison is not a frustration and communication between friends and family is considered. Securus technology a united states-based prison technology company in Dallas was founded to provide telephone services to inmates in US prisons.

The company has controlled the use of contraband cell phones by launching a wireless containment solution that cuts the connectivity of contraband cell phones to mobile networks. Securus technology has not only curbed contraband items bad has proved the best platform for safe investigations, corrections,, and monitoring.The technology can provide information that can be used as evidence in a court session. Video and audio recording systems installed in Securus technology have helped a great deal.

Securus technology is outstanding in keeping proper records about inmates and prisons. It can also provide emergency response, incident management, and information management. A biometric analysis is also available and has saved investigations much time used running up and down questioning suspects. The company uses the highest technology to detect drones and stopping them from reaching correctional facilities. The company promises to make thing more effective and efficient by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses give opportunities rooms for advancement while strengths will call for proper maintenance.

Contraband is serious and affects both the inmates and the correction officers in charge of the prisons. For instance, weapons used by harmed inmates for escape means include killing the guards and blowing walls and gates. Such incidents may cause a lot of damage. On the other hand, inmates possessing weapons may threaten and molest others forcing them to do what they don’t wish. Bad habits such as homosexuality and lesbianism are sometimes not out of will.

Securus technology is ensuring a safer world to live in and also ensuring that inmates are not lonely. Family and friends can call safely at their comfort rooms.


Securus Technologies Wins the Hearts of Many Customers

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of detainee communications and government information. Its headquartered at Dallas, Texas and it also has four regional offices. It serves an estimate of 2,600 correctional centres in forty five different states. It has been recognised for its innovation and responsiveness to the customer concerns. The company focuses on meeting the specialized needs of the community. The chief executive officer of Securus Technologies is Rick Smith. Securus Technology offers technological solutions that offer public safety, corrections, and investigation of crimes even those committed within the correctional facilities.


Securus is known for its unique products in United Kingdom as they offer a comprehensive wide range of services. Some of their services include; maintenance, installation of CCTV, fire alarms, and emergency lighting. The company has grown by broadening its portfolio. All the branches of the firm maintain its identity while maintaining its own unique brand entity. They provide their customers with the best products and services in order to fulfil its mission of excellence in service delivery. The secret for the success of Securus Technologies over the years is its ability to gain customer trust.


A number of customers have issued comments on the services of Securus Technologies through mail. A client says they really appreciate the LBS service since the technology together with the investigator pro makes Securus the best provider of jail phone for them.


The customer assure Securus of their loyalty because of the LBS service. One of the clients of Securus Technologies is impressed by the vision of the company. The continuous assessments and new technological developments by the firm will allow the client to improve the posture of their jail security. The evolution of the investigative tools and their capabilities works well with the aggressive and investigative attitude of the correctional facility.


The Securus Ounce Of Prevention And Pound Of Cure

In this day and age, crime seems to have spiraled out of control. Even when criminals are apprehended, prosecuted, and imprisoned, some still have influence over happenings in the prison itself. Illegal substances still pass through security to the inmates due to an inmate having outside influence even from prison. What do we do when the crime does not stop at the prison walls? Securus Technologies has provided the answer to that question.

The answer is equipping the customer to solve and prevent crimes on their own. Allowing the facility to monitor activity within their own walls allows them to not only prevent crimes but solve them as well. With facility regulated education and communication, the ability of the inmate to connect with the wrong element is dramatically decreased, allowing rehabilitation to occur. This not only benefits the inmate but also their family and community.

The most recent move against crime has been Securus Technologies actually putting the power to solve, and even prevent crimes directly in their customer’s hands. This allows the facility to monitor not only inmate actions upon booking and housing but the guards that interact with them as well. Decreasing disgruntled guard assistance in the contraband influx, and acts of violence among inmates has been a real boon to security and law enforcement efforts. This not only helps the facility to provide a safer environment for the inmates and guards but reduces costs of involving an outside third party to step in and investigate in-house crimes. This is yet another bonus for the community in reduced taxes and housing fees.

Securus Technologies is continuing the long tradition of positive forward movement to improve conditions within the correctional facilities as well as within the family unit.

Securus Technologies Helps Stop Gang Violence

Securus Technologies is helping police officers keep track of gangs with a new software innovation. It should come as no surprise that gangs are often involved with law enforcement. As in organized crime syndicate, a street gang typically has a few members in prison at any given moment. Those gang members still communicate with the gang through telephone calls and personal visits.


Most organized crime groups understand that every single phone call made into and out of a jail is recorded by the telephone company that services the prison. This forces the gang to use coded language and slang words to work around the fact that they are being surveilled.


What a gang might not know is that a new innovation from Securus Technologies is helping law enforcement track the movement of their gang despite the use of coded language. This software program only requires a short recording of a particular person’s voice. The program deconstructs the voice, walks onto its unique signature and then searches through terabytes of information to pull up every single phone call where the voices found. This can help law enforcement officers track the movement of gangs outside of the prison.


If police officers get a recording of the leader of the gang, they can feed it into this software program and hear everything that person is said to his gang members inside of the prison. If they are capable of decoding the slang terms used by this particular person, they can forecast the movement of the gang and any crimes that they may commit in the future.


This is obviously a very powerful weapon in the fight against gang violence. Law enforcement can be ahead of the gang using this technological innovation and that can save lives. It’ll be interesting to see what Securus Technologies comes up with next.


Securus Technologies nabs coveted business award

Recently, Securus Technologies executive Danny De Hoyos traveled to Las Vegas to accept an award. The prestigious Stevie Business Awards are handed out yearly in various categories for those companies who display an uncommon level of excellence in their dealings with the public. This year, Securus has been bestowed with such an award for their stellar customer service and innovative line of products.


One of the factors that led to the nomination of this coveted award was Securus’ ongoing roll out of its widely hailed video visitation platform. This system has permanently disrupted the prison communications industry, turning the old, exorbitant system of outrageously expensive collect calling and kickback-driven price controls on its head.



A lot more than just Skype


Some of those who have seen Securus’ video visitation system have been impressed but have also noted that it seems like little more than a proprietary version of Skype. Such feelings could hardly be further from the truth. Run by a physical infrastructure rivaling that of the largest telecommunications providers, Securus video visitation is a 100% self-contained system which only interfaces with the world-wide-web at the last possible stage. This means that Securus retains 100% control over all communications which take place on its network.


This allows Securus to ban unauthorized parties who may pose a threat to institutional safety. It also allows for advanced investigatory tools to be deployed over all of its communications media. Such high levels of control prevent unauthorized or criminal communications and help keep jails and prisons safer than at any time before in U.S. history.


But this high-level control also allows Securus to reduce costs to levels that would not otherwise be feasible. Since Securus owns the physical infrastructure, right down to the data center, it enjoys phenomenal economies of scale. This means inmates may pay as little as $.05 per minute for a video visitation.

Securus Technologies Recently Makes Corrections on a Press Release

Leading telecommunications company Securus Technologies has recently issued a number of corrections to a press release by competitor GTL on June of 2016. According to sources, Global Tel Link had a press release that contained a number of statements that were found to be false and inaccurate. As a result, Securus Technologies has looked to correct the press release so that it reveals true and correct information. With this effort, Securus Technologies will be in position to help provide clarification and credibility among members in the telecommunications industry.


Over the most recent months, Securus Technologies has made a number of corrections that will help allow consumers to gain a more accurate perspective on recent trends in the telecommunications industry. The company has made a number of corrections to multiple statements made by Global Tel Link. With these corrections, the available information in press releases will now be providing the truth about recent facts about the telecommunications industry.


Securus Technologies has made corrections on a number of recent allegations by Global Tel Link. One of these was one in which GTL stated that a recent decision by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board allows GTL to move forward in seeking injunctions for damages by Securus. However, Securus Technologies countered by saying that GTL is now unable to seek any legal action which includes being unable to seek injunctions for damages.


Another allegation made by GTL was that all 55 claims of the 816 patent were preserved. This means that GTL has technology for video visitation monitoring in prisons. According to Securus Technologies, GTL is only asserting one individual claim,


In the third allegation, Global Tel Link said that they are pleased that the innovations they made are patentable. However, Securus made a correction which said that the PTAB did not determine that GTL has any innovations that can be patented.