Betsy DeVos in Action, Expect the Education Reform in Full Swing

Betsy DeVos, the current Education Secretary of United States, is recognized as an education reformer and significant amount of her life is spent on improving the quality of the education. As a person who watched her closely for decades, I expect some radical changes in the education sector that would bring quality offerings to our children. What makes her very special in the role? I must say that her understanding of critical issues and solutions to that. She is not someone who just contributes some amount or does educational activism, but she donates as well as stand in front of the initiative. DeVos framed a number of solutions to address the waning quality of education which was once considered to be the case study for other countries. Her answers such as school of choice, school voucher program, school grading system, etc., can totally transform the education sector. I am pretty sure that if there is an environment of competition between schools created for providing better quality education, it can change the fate of our education system. Her efforts to popularize charter school system also got greater acceptance and even Democrats are supporting it in many states. Check this related article from

DeVos says what forced her into education and the activities to improve the quality of it. Her mother was a public school teacher, and she understood only sincere efforts could make any revolutionary changes. When DeVos wanted to send her children to school, she learned that not everyone in America is able to access the quality education. Moreover, there are ZIP codes where the children are not able to follow the American dream due to lack of quality. I can quote a number of examples for this and are delighted with the appointment of DeVos as she shares a vision to give equal education opportunities in terms of quality to every child irrespective of location, race, language, gender etc. She is deeply committed to her vision, and that is the reason, I welcome her in the new role and wish her all the best.

Betsy Devos assisted at-risk children from public schools in the Grand Rapids as their in-school mentor for 15-years. She worked closely with students, teachers, and parents to understand various issues and to frame most effective solutions. Before being appointed as the Education Secretary DeVos was the chairman of The Windquest Group, a Michigan-based investment management firm. She is equally supporting art initiatives as well and serves on the boards of many organizations that are working for the betterment of education or arts, or charitable foundations. It includes ArtPrize, Kids Hope USA, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kendall College of Art and Design, and Mars Hill Bible Church. DeVos completed her Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids. Visit to know more about their foundation.

George Soros Sees the Democracy Alliance as Important For the Future of U.S. Politics

The political donations of George Soros tend to only take place when he feels there is little other option to fight the most right wing candidates for high office within the U.S., such as his $27 million donation towards the campaign fund of John Kerry in 2004. In the wake of the 2004 election loss of Kerry to President George W. Bush, George Soros came together with a number of other wealthy political donors to form the Democracy Alliance, which has remained dedicated to supporting Democratic candidates and causes with both financial backing and policy support; Soros himself has remained a dedicated liberal, but his financial backing of major Democrat causes in the U.S. had largely fallen away between 2004 and 2015 when he made the decision to return to major political giving in support of his friend and Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, Politico reports. Learn more on Biography about George

The Democracy Alliance was scheduled to meet in the days following the election victory of Donald Trump, which was a huge shock to the Democrat’s, aside from George Soros who had warned the populist right wing rhetoric of the New York based real estate developer had the chance to take him to power. The importance of the role the Democracy Alliance is set to play in U.S. politics in the future has been revealed in the fact George Soros changed his personal schedule to appear at the planned Washington D.C. meeting of the group as he planned to make his own views clear on the election campaign and how to move forward in the future. Soros believes the most important aspect of the future of the Democratic Party is returning to power as quickly as possible in Washington D.C. and across the states of the U.S. where grassroots campaigns should become a priority for a party Soros fears has lost touch with its base supporters. Learn more on about George Soros.

Alongside the need to develop a new strategy for success in future elections the work of George Soros and the Democracy Alliance has also focused on providing a new layer of opposition to the work of President Donald Trump as he takes up residence in The White House. There is much to admire in the work of George Soros in his decision to fight the right wing approach of Donald Trump and attempt to protect the legacy of eight years of Democrat rule in the U.S. Forbes explains the ability of George Soros to identify the major global trends in politics and different cultures has allowed him to build a personal fortune and a reputation made in the eyes of the public with his 1992 gamble on the British currency being devalued due largely to the moves of Soros Fund Management on the London Stock Exchange.