Taking a Look at What One Entrepreneur Has Done Differently

A few adjectives can be utilized to describe Alexei Beltyukov as a businessman, a colleague, and an employers, and they all lead to the simple fact that his entrepreneurial skills are highly advanced than others, and it was more than enough to allow him to conquer differences and spread his companies’ reach from Russia to the United States within 12 years.

Educational Background

He got close to not becoming an entrepreneur during his scholastic years for the reason that Alexei Beltyukov already received a Doctorate in Medicine with a concentration on Internal Medicine at the Ural State Medical Academy in 1994. However, by 1997, he stood behind his decision to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration from the INSEAD campus in France.

After obtaining the new degree, in 2012 he studied Disruptive Technologies at Singularity University, and then entered Stanford University for Building a Successful Business for the Internet of Things in 2015.

Work History

Alexei Beltyukov has been serving at the top of various companies at present, yet like most people, he began as a company employee. To be specific, he was an Associate first in McKinsey & Company before getting a promotion to become its Engagement Manage by 1998. The type of work he did in this institution allowed him to handle diverse projects related to insurance, mining, oil, and transportation, as well as the re-writing of a railroad plan.

After years of employment, Alexei stepped up to be Renova Project’s Chief Executive Office. This financial management firm was managing 300 million dollars at the time, and they were related to floundering establishments such as factories, banks, ports, and realty companies. When he resigned from the Renova Project, he joined the Skolkovo Foundation to handle 1.5 billion dollars of funding that the organization possessed.

Business Ventures

Alexei Beltyukov became an employer when he built A-Ventures, a company that provides turnaround assistance to commercial institutions, from scratch in 2007. He also founded other firms like the Endemic Capital and the New Gas Technologies which both deal with the international crowd. His only firm that solely serves the people in Russia is the Mechanicus