Aloha Constructions Making Life Better in Illinois

Aloha Construction Incorporated is a local organization based in Illinois. It is a family owned company. The company has been in business ever since its establishment in 2008. Aloha Construction started up as a small construction company and has transformed into a Million Dollar Construction company. Aloha Construction is an industry leading general contractor that has achieved numerous accomplishments. The company is mostly involved in repairing damaged homes and upgrading the current look of homes.


Aloha Construction mostly deals with roofing and installation of gutters. Services offered mostly involve the attic, basement, kitchen, bathroom, and interior design. Moreover, the company does installations, story additions, and restoration services.


Aloha Construction has done the people of Illinois a great deal of service. According to an article published in April, the company was looking forward to a roofing and siding season. This was due to the terrible weather in Northern Illinois. Northern Illinois had been experiencing dangerous hail, storms, and, high winds.


Aloha Constructions created their website to serve all of Illinois and South Wisconsin. Besides that, the company launched an interior restoration service in May. The launch was aimed at fulfilling their promise of building quality homes.


The CEO, David A. Farbaky, stated that they had completed 7,000 projects, in 2013. He added that in 2017, they had completed 20,000 projects. In addition to these, he said that in 2015 they were focused on providing quality services to the people of southern Illinois. This year, he stated that they were focused making life easier for the residents of the Midwest. According to him, Aloha Constructions growth had been centered on making people safe in their homes.


Currently, Aloha constructions have an office in Bloomington and Lake Zurich. However, they are seeking to open a new network branch in May. The branch was to focus on interior restoration, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and natural disaster aid. The branch was to have its office next to their Lake Zurich headquarters