Boraie Development: Investing In New Jersey Cities For Over 40 Years

Boraie Development LLC is investing in the future of New Jersey. The company is putting the finishing touches on the $81 million The Beach at South Inlet complex in Atlantic City. It’s scheduled to open next summer. This is the first market-rate development to be built in Atlantic City in over 25 years. The complex which contains 250 new apartments signals a rebirth in the works for Atlantic City. This project has created much needed optimism as Atlantic City endures a decade-long economic downturn that has seen multiple casino closings. The Beach at South Inlet and Atlantic City’s Gateway Project offer hope for Atlantic City’s future.

Atlantic City hasn’t had new housing stock in more than 4 decades. Over 60% of the city’s housing stock was built way back then. The investment in modern housing stock Boraie Development has made with this new complex is significant. The apartments have all the modern amenities including a pool, residents lounge and a gym. Not only will the 50,000 workers in Atlantic City benefit from this new complex, it can also help to attract new businesses, residents and visitors to the iconic resort city.

Boraie Development was founded in 1972 by Omar Boraie. The Egypt native came to the U.S. to study chemistry. While he saw people fleeing downtown New Brunswick, Boraie pictured the city being rebuilt. It reminded him of how post-World War II Europe rose from the ashes to become beautiful and prosperous. When city officials heard Omar Boraie’s plans to rebuild New Brunswick, they laughed. Boraie simply began buying abandoned, burnt-out buildings and rebuilding them. When Omar Boraie built the Albany Street Plaza Tower One and put the headquarters of Boraie Development on the 8th floor, there were 21 burnt-out and dilapidated buildings on the block.

These days downtown New Brunswick looks very prosperous and city officials give the visionary Omar Boraie lots of credit. Boraie Development recently completed a fabulous 18-story, mixed use complex called The Aspire. It has 238 housing units and retail space in excess of 10,000 square feet. They are also working with Shaquille O’Neal on a $61 million project in Newark. These days Omar Boraie’s sons, Wasseem and Sam and Hian his daughter, play important roles in running the company. They are preparing luxury accommodations to attract doctors, lawyers, nurses, firemen, police officers, teachers and young students and professionals to downtown areas throughout New Jersey. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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How Jason Halpern is Growing His Real Estate Business

Real Estate business has been experiencing a bitter-sweet growth in the U.S. The markets and economic factors have played a hand in this growth. After the worldwide financial crisis in 2008, many companies and real estate investors experienced a record-low in sales volume.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

However, that wasn’t the case for Jason Halpern and his company JMH Development. With proper investments in place and emergency financial recovery plans to handle such a financial shake-down, they were able to survive the crisis and remain in business. Even though their sales volume wasn’t anywhere near impressive, they didn’t lose much of the market.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Jason Halpern comes from the third generation of a family that has been in real estate business with an impressive 50 years track record of developing residential and commercial properties in New York City. He is the founder and serves as the Managing Partner of JMH Development.

His vision and forward thinking has greatly contributed to the growth of JMH Development and enabled it to acquire and build some of the most innovative properties in New York. His unique development expertise combined with his experience has allowed him to develop in historic districts as well as some of the historic buildings.

Jason Halpern: with Production

Through his leadership, Halpern has steered his company in developing thousands of square feet in New York and Miami Beach. He has collaborated with other real estate development companies in multi-million dollar deals, such as the Aloft South Beach that was developed by his company and Madden Real Estate Ventures.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Other than being engaged in real estate business, he also allocates a portion of his time into philanthropic activities. In 2015, JMH Development partnered with Charity: Water where JMH Development donated $20,000 for every contract that was signed in the development of the “Three Hundred Collins.” The initiative was to fund water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia where more than 650 people stood to benefit from the water.

The Influential Work of Adam Milstein

There are many influential people in the world. Each have contributed something unique. Looking at the influential work of Adam Milstein, as an Israeli philanthropist, it shows how one individual can make a significant difference in the lives of everyone. As co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, being a part of Israeli-American Council, as well as being a part of other outreaches, he has shown how influential he is.

Born in Israel, Adam Milstein in 1971 would Israel Defensive Forces, where he would serve until 1973. After his time in the service, he would attend college and eventually earn a Bachelor’s of Science, in economics and business.

After school he found a passion as a real estate developer, something he would take over from his father. Specifically, he would help his father expand the real estate construction and development business. He would later he get his Master’s in Business Administration, which led to him becoming a commercial real estate agent.

With his many accolades, Milstein has proven to be a successful businessman, and a devout philanthropist, showing how influential he has made himself. Part of his success is attributed to what he has accomplished through the Milstein foundation. Formed in 2000, this foundation’s purpose is to help strengthen the state of Israel and help unify the Jewish people. Along with other goals, Milstein has become an influential figure through this foundation.

One of his goals is to help provide future Jewish generations of their heritage and the importance of their home, Israel. Furthermore, the foundation is built on philanthropy, using funding organizations, projects, and programs, which is further explained on Adam Milstein’s website. Milstein’s organization is to ultimately show the fortitude of the Jewish people, and how they are connected to their state of Israel.

According to Jewish Journal, Adam Milstein continues to extend his influence beyond his business, by also being a writer. He has written numerous articles that have covered Jewish pride, the state of Israel, the Israeli military, and Israeli-Americans. His success with his foundation as well as his business acumen. He overall defines what it means to be influential.