Raj Fernando, The Enterprising Entrepreneur

Raj Fernando is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in America.Raj Fernando is a Chicago-based businessman. He has two companies to his name already. The companies include Scoutahead and Chopper Trading. He began with Chopper Trading and then Scoutahead. Raj Fernando is currently the head of Scoutahead. He has been hard-working and success oriented at the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj Fernando worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. He then joined the Chicago Board of Trade in 1991 and worked there to 2001. He was able to rise in rank over the years while still at the Chicago Board of Trade. Fernando spun out as an independent entrepreneur with Chopper Trading in 2002.

Raj Fernando became increasingly active in various businesses parameters ever since he came up with Chopper Trading. He has collaborated with various government and non-governmental organizations to the betterment of the corporate sector. He has previously supported organizations like US Trading Futures Commission in its quest of harmonizing the business markets. Raj Fernando has also been offering public lectures on business related issues in meetings and forums. Fernando is well educated. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. He is also an alumnus of University College London.

Chopper Trading and Scoutahead

Raj Fernando is the sole custodian of the success of both of his two companies. Fernando has been working towards achieving nothing but the best with his firms as a businessman and a success-oriented leader.

Raj Fernando came up with Scoutahead to help businesses in America solve the challenge of enterprise communication. This platform also helps companies to relate to its human resources in a productivity way that promotes the success of the business in general. Raj Fernando is motivated by his vision of safe, productive, and healthy enterprise communication. Scoutahead is Raj Fernando’s main project and continues to conquer the business market each day.

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