The Successes of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar’s continuing success in his entrepreneurship endeavors have been mentioned in an article posted by Bonar has experience with design development, contract administration and building design. in the past he had been a part of several different types of building projects, including multi-family housing, commercial, aviation and retail.

Bonar’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. In 2016 Brian Bonar was named Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance but Cambridge Publishing. This titles is only given to handful of people each year.

As the Chief Executive Office and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar uses his attention to detail and love of design to help him and his clients. At Dalrada Financial Corporation Bonar oversees numerous aftermarket products as well as employee and employer benefits and programs.

With a variety of employee programs available for clients to choose from each experience is unique. These programs can include risk management insurance, business management services and employee benefits.

Before starting his career at Dalrada Financial Corporation Brian Bonar was the owner of several enterprises. With a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, which he earned from Stafford University, he honed his skills in business development, developing of innovative sales, process improvement, finding venture capital, lead generation, mergers and acquisitions and marketing strategies to make himself a business consultant.

With the knowledge in these fields Bonar was able to began his career at IBM as a procurement manager. While there he outsourced motherboards for computers. not long after he became the Director of Engineering for QMS where he managed 100 engineers working in software and hardware development.

Things only went up for Brian Bonar who became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Rastek Corporation. At Rastek he grew to love the printing industry and became the Sales Manager for Adaptec. Working at Adaptec allowed Bonar to work closely with foreign companies that manufactured printers.

After a year at Adaptec he took all the knowledge he had obtained throughout the years and struck out on his own. In 1994 he became CEO and Founder of Bezier Systems, the first company to market a SCSI based printer.

He continued to work with other printing companies such as ITEC imaging technologies. Seeking out management positions he became the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services. Manager of AMS Outsourcing, CEO and Chairman of Trucept and CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services.

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