Waiakea Water is Giving Back to Communities Around the World

In 2014, there were 650 million individuals without clean water and 2.3 billion without basic sanitation. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 37% of these affected individuals. Waiakea water formed a partnership with Pump Aid due to their interest in Malawi. Their water consumption is staggeringly low. The people are living in poverty with dirty water a large factor in their mortality rate. Waiakea works with the members of the community to locate the best sites for the installation of the Elephant Pump. This is an award winning pump used by Pump Aid and teams dig a well, assemble the pump, and teach the people the skills they require for maintenance.

Waiakea makes certain the needs of the villages are met and monitors and evaluates the progress. There are now 1.35 million individuals with safe water and sanitation due to Pump Aid and Waiakea. Over 4,000 pumps have been installed in Malawi. More children are attending school, less individuals are suffering illnesses from dirty water, and malnutrition has dropped. Waiakea is changing lives and plans to expand in the sub-Saharan Africa region during the next couple of years.

When you look at all the brands of water available in the stores you must take the pH scale into account. The acidity can be a low as four and go as high as seven. When the pH level is seven the water is neutral. The highest pH levels come from water that is naturally alkaline. The water will act as an antioxidant and the electrons present will remove free radicals that flow through a bodies veins. Waiakea water is naturally alkaline with a pH of 8.8 placing it high on the scale and making it incredibly healthy and beneficial to drink.

Waiakea does a lot more than produce fresh and clean water. Their philanthropic efforts have helped impoverished communities in Africa by donating water. Currently there have been 650 liters donated to the communities in rural Africa who were in desperate need. They have saved 1.35 million individuals from drinking potentially deadly water. Due to the efforts and care of Waiakea over 500 million liters of water have been given to the areas and people who needed it the most and they are not even close to finished.