Betsy DeVos Takes Aim at Education in America.

If there is one thing that you need to know about Betsy DeVos, the newest Secretary of Education in the United States government, it is that she is a complete fighter for what she believes in. While Betsy DeVos is certainly new to working with the government, this being her first federal position, she is certainly not new to fighting and championing what she believes in. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years becoming the loudest voice in the fight for education reform around the country. DeVos herself has taken the works of Milton Friedman, penned on the importance of school choice, and made them once again relevant for a whole new generation of people. Now, as the Sec of Education, she will be given the tools to render large changes upon our country in order to change the future of education forever.


Donald Trump campaigned on changing Washington D.C. by getting rid of the ‘old guard’ and bring in fresh perspective. He championed the idea of getting rid of the ‘political dinosaurs‘ in Washington D.C. in order to give fresh perspective and opportunity to new people, like Betsy DeVos. Trump called it ‘draining the swamp’ and he has been working since day 1 to make that slogan a reality. Betsy DeVos marks the first and, perhaps, most important step in the swamp draining process. As the Secretary of Education, DeVos will be essentially holding the future of our children in her palms and in her policy directives. So, it is good for us that she has spent the past thirty years focusing on the job already.


Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos are two of the most philanthropically generous people in all of Michigan. According to financial disclosure reports, the DeVos family has donated over $1 billion dollars in their lives to charitable causes. This $1 billion mark makes up a good fifth of their enormous wealth. We say that to say this, Betsy has always been a champion of taking action in order to execute her vision. In Washington D.C., we are expecting Betsy DeVos to be just as politically active with actual actions. Betsy DeVos will have the full support of the Trump administration as well as the members of the Republican party, but don’t expect her to be hopelessly indebted to them. Betsy DeVos is a reformer first and foremost and she is willing to but heads with even her own party leadership in order to accomplish her tasks.


People are quickly coming to the conclusion that Betsy DeVos isn’t some green politician and that she has more than enough professional acumen in order to hold her own in Washington D.C. President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, said that DeVos was ‘dangerous’ in a meeting room despite her pleasant demeanor and calm appearance. This thought was echoed by prominent Republican and former AG Mike Cox. Now that Betsy DeVos has their attention, she has the chance to start really pushing forward new legislation to further her agenda. Learn more:

End Citizens United Brings People Together

The United States is a democracy, and it is supposed to be somewhere that people can feel welcome and like they are going to be able to have a voice. Instead, it has become a country that is all about the corporations and what they are able to do. Because of Citizens United, people are dealing with issues from the industry and from the way that things are working for them.

This has caused major problems for people who are in those situations and for people who are working to get the best out of the politics that the United States have. Those who want to see change have started joining in with End Citizens United to try and stop the corruption that comes from Citizens United and the politicians who put it into place.

While there are many different reasons that this happened, most people know that it is just to bolster the corporations. They want to show people what they are capable of and that they are just the same as the rest of the citizens of the United States. Since they are now able to donate millions of dollars to the candidates that will support their efforts, they are going to have to deal with all of the issues that come along with the industry. It has been a major problem and something that people will have to get used to because of the way that things work for them.


Even when things were working for the people who were in that industry, they knew they would have to make some changes to the way that things were done. They also knew they would have to bring about different opportunities in their own lives. There have been so many chances for people to make these changes that it has worked to help people out with all of the things they are doing and all of the options they have.

As Citizens United has gotten better and bigger, people now see that it is a profitable organization. While they were only expected to profit by about 4 million dollars in the beginning, they have now projected to hit 35 million dollars. That is what is going to make a difference in the company so people can enjoy the options they have and so they will be able to see different things on their own.

The organization promises that they are going to try and help people get everything they need out of the situations they are in. They want to give others the options they had so they could knock out the major corporations. The organization is hoping this will make a difference for them and for other people.

Visit for more information about the group.

End Citizens United Manages to Raise over $4 Million in Just 3 Months

The End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed to campaign finance reforms in the country. The PAC, as it is called is dedicated to raising millions of dollars for the Democratic candidates in the competing for Senate and Houses positions in the country.


Only formed recently, the group managed to raise $2 million in its first month of inception, and as it seems, the group is on track to raise about $30 million for the whole cycle.


The primary focus of the committee is to pass a law that would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision on the group, which in 2010 saw the establishment of major PACs and introduce a tsunami of dirty money into politics.


As it stands out, over 325,000 individuals have signed the committee’s petition urging Congress to pass the law. The group has partnered with “Ready for Hillary,” a move that will see the group receive a boost.


While other PACs push on finance reforms, the End Citizen United group is a bit different from others as it only backs candidates who are pushing for finance reform.


The committee is planning to set up an independent expenditure department later in the year so as to support the candidates through various initiatives such as direct mailers, television ads, and polling.


So far, since its inception, the group has collected over $4 million, and the figure is projected to reach $35 million by 2018 mid-term elections, this is according to the report published by the USA Today.


This would be a significant surge from $25 million the group collected for the 2016 election year.


More than 100,000 individuals contributed the committee in the first quarter for 2017 calendar year, 40,000 whom contributed money for the first time.


Tiffany Muller, one of the group’s leader, said their aim is to elect “campaign- finance reforms champions” to the government.


Tiffany further said the average contribution the group received in 2017 is $12. However, the group’s contributors feel like the system is compromised and turned against them, in that those who contributed the largest amount of money have the bigger say, and this is their technique of retaliating.

ECU Rally against Big Money Special Interest in Montana by Backing Quist

Helena, MT – ECU supported Quist last month for the MT-AL special election.“Grassroots donors are flocking to Quist because they understand he’ll be an independent voice for Montana,” Ending Citizens United President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller said. Ending Citizens United, 2015 is a Political Action Committee financed by donors that are grassroots. It’s focused on reforming its campaign finance system and countering the devastating effects of Citizens United.

ECU was one of the initial progressive organizations to back Quist’s play for Congress. With 14,000 members across Montana, ECU will continue to join Quist’s campaign with local volunteers and its 330,000 little-dollar national donors to fight against the delusory negative strikes Gianforte special interest that is his that is, and allies are running against him. An FEC complaint filed against Gianforte earlier this week. The charge notes when he directed earmarked funds to help his own race into his combined fundraising committee Gianforte could have broken the law. On that same call, a pledge broke to Montanans that he wouldn’t take corporate PAC money. ECU additionally called on Gianforte to tell the Super PAC and secret money group running advertisements in the race to disclose their donors or pull their advertisements. Gianforte has a history of evading Montana campaign finance laws and undermining the state’s reform efforts.

In contrast, Greg Gianforte, his adversary, says one thing in public to another in private to his large donors and voters. He’s broken his pledge, and he might have broken campaign finance law. Gianforte is currently relying on secret cash from special interest groups to prop up his effort after backing attempts to undercut Montana disclosure rules. Our grassroots network is set to fight back and send a reformer that was true to Congress.”

After Gianforte was captured on tape telling his donors, he supports the House bill to take health care Quist within single digits in the surveys has closed raised $550,000 in only a few days, and ECU was among the primary progressive organizations to support Quist’s play for Congress. With 14,000 members across Montana, ECU will continue to join Quist’s effort with local volunteers and its 330,000 little-dollar national donors to fight against the deceptive negative strikes Gianforte and special interest that is his allies are running against him.

Before this week, an FEC complaint filed against Gianforte. The charge notes Gianforte might have broken the law when he directed funds that are earmarked to help his own race into his combined fundraising committee. To Montanans, a pledge broke on that same call he wouldn’t take corporate PAC money. ECU additionally called to tell secret money group, and the Super PAC running advertisements in the race take their advertising or to reveal their donors. Gianforte has a history of sabotaging the state’s reform attempts and evading Montana campaign finance laws.