How To Build A Strategy To Improve Your Online Reputation

According to Charlie Brown on, your online reputation determines how many clients you get. Given this fact, Charlie Brown has created an outline for building up your online reputation using a few simple strategies. With a good online reputation in hand you will not only get an edge over rivals but also increase the likelihood of repeat business. Below are some of the tips outlined by Charlie Brown.

The first word of advice given by Charlie Brown is to stay focused on your goals when you are doing social media activities. You should post info that is relevant and that will positively impact your business in a way. Don’t go on tangents to unrelated stuff. Another word of advice is to be authentic on social media when you interact with others. A good way to gauge authenticity is to ask yourself the following, would I say what I am about to post on social media to someone in person? If the answer is not, then you should reword it or change the message altogether.

Content should also be informative. As mentioned on, don’t put irrelevant info on social media. You don’t want to waste people’s time. Informative and interesting content will hook people in, expose them to your brand and help them have a more positive image of your brand.

Enhancing customer relationships should also remain at the forefront of your social media activity. It should be one of your guiding principles when you develop your social media strategy. Better customer relationships can help build customer and brand loyalty. This can translate into higher sales and a better reputation. This can also draw new customers to your product. Make your info informative and engaging and you will have a real winning social media strategy.

Another thing you should do advises Charlie Brown is to put yourself out as an expert in your industry. This will boost your credibility and can increase the reputation of your brand. Publish information on your website and then put in into social media. When people see it, they will think more highly of you. This can also change their perception of your company or brand as being more credible and established.