Squaw Valley Addresses Water Concerns

Squaw Valley is recognized as one of the biggest resorts in the world. Just recently, the resort management issued a statement to respond to the news reported several weeks ago. According to the news, E. coli and coliform bacteria were discovered in the drinking water at the resort’s upper mountain. At first, the health issue was reported on November 8th this year at the Placer County Department of Environmental Health.

After the news were reported, Squaw Valley decided to treat the water consistently, and there have been some improvements. Four wells serve the upper mountain, and three have shown significant improvements. Currently, there are very low levels of coliform in the water, and there are no E. coli bacteria. According to Wesley Nicks, the director at the Placer County Environmental Health, the water will be safe for drinking soon.

Most of the restaurants found on the upper mountain were closed due to the health risk, and the skiers visiting the resort are not allowed to drink the water until the bacteria issue has been resolved. There were no health matters reported during the entire period and skiing is still allowed at the resort because there are no health risks. Squaw Valley management has come out to state some facts about the health concern.

In October this year, there were unusually heavy rains in the region, and these affected the water systems at the Placer County. This was an unusual weather concern at Squaw Valley, and it led to the inundation of the upgraded water system that was installed during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. The heavy storms resulted in the contamination of the system.

During a routine testing done by the resort, the problem was detected, and it was immediately reported to the Placer County Environmental Health. The Squaw Valley Public Service District also received the report. The leaders moved fast and contacted some of the leading water experts in the country. These professionals have played a great role in addressing the serious problem. The experts are still working hard to ensure that all the water in the system has returned to its original and safe levels. The institution has announced that it will not return to its normal water usage at the Gold Coast or the High Camp until they have been assured by the concerned health officials and experts that the water is completely safe for human consumption.

Squaw Valley has also stated in the press release that the safety of their client is imperative. This is why the issue was taken very seriously, just like any other safety concern in the resort. As the issue is being addressed, the guests visiting the High Camp and Gold Coast will be allowed to access the usual facilities from the resort such as free bottled water that will be used for drinking. When the experts have confirmed that the issue has been resolved, the resort will inform its guests in different parts of the globe.