Jeff Herman Justice Leading to Accountability

Becoming a “Voice For Victims”
While spending the predominant part of his career seeking justice for victims of sexual assault the Founder of Herman Law, Jeff Herman, experiences his greatest reward in being the voice for those who cannot defend themselves in the courtroom. Jeff Herman’ career began in the 1990‘s but soon changed from litigating for corporate clients to representing others who were in need of an open ear and who could empathize with their silent status as the abused, the sexually assaulted or the raped.

The Incident that Changed Everything
The incident that shifted Jeff Herman’ litigation focus came when a Mother of an autistic boy came to see him for legal counsel. The young Mother was suspicious that her pre-school autistic son was being abused during pre-school. The only thing that she knew was that her son expressed that there was someone at school that made him feel uncomfortable. The little boy told his Mother this person did certain things to him that made him feel uncomfortable and was touching him. Jeff Herman took over the case and investigated into the employees at the pre-school. He found out that a registered sexual offender was employed at the pre-school, but had not been checked during his application. Jeff Herman experienced a new commitment and meaning to his litigation practice thru this victory for the Mother and autistic boy and became the foundation idea for Jeff Herman Law.

The Beginning of Jeff Herman Law
Jeff Herman makes clear that his motivation and interest has always been in law. Putting together his deep commitment to helping the victimized and practicing law have come together in working correctly as a litigator of sexual abuse. Jeff Herman discovered his work can affect how his investigative techniques used can help to make corrections to systems or institutions that could have prevented specific injuries. Herman believes that he can still act on behalf of victims of sexual abuse so that institutes and networks can become accountable for negligence.
Jeff Herman wanted to immerse himself in this kind of advocacy and support to victims of sexual abuse on a full-time basis. Herman Law is an advocate and “voice for victims.”

Ricardo Tosto Provides Effective Business Advice

When entering into a business agreement or transaction with another company , it is advisable to have a well-written contract. Having everything in writing and signed by all parties involved is a smart way to protect your business or organization’s assets and reputation.

The main advantage to the drawing up of agreements to decrease liabilities is that it lessens the risk that the firm issuing the agreements will be sued. By seeing to it that all parties agree on the terms of a particular contract and making every person sign a contract acknowledging this, this technique reduces the chance that one party will have reasons for legal action afterward on.

An experienced business attorney can help you through every step of the process and help you alleviate risks and make certain that the transaction is completed as smoothly as possible.

It is always smart to research properly and get an attorney who has represented clients in the area of law you are interested in. While there are an abundance of business law firms and attorneys to choose from in Brazil, choosing the right legal counsel can make the difference between an outstanding outcome or unfavorable outcome in your case – not to mention the peace of mind of working with a law firm or attorney you trust.

Ricardo Tosto renders effective legal representation backed by more than 22 years of lawyer practical experience. He has handled business litigation for companies and organizations as well as entrepreneurs and individual clients. He aims for the best possible outcome for his clients in every case that he handles.

Business law covers a large range of topics and commercial attorneys need to be able to address a variety of legal issues and provide a large range of legal services. When you choose Ricardo Tosto, you can feel confident your commercial lawyer will be able to deal with a wide variety of issues.

Ricardo Tosta

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the most prominent lawyer in the firm and is seen as a market leader; With great recognition. He originated and conducted the mass litigation area in the office in a very organized and efficient manner. However, while mass litigation is representative in the office, clients believe that it is the excellence of legal services in complex cases that highlights Leite, Tosto and Barros;

A client gives the area of banking law entrusts their most complex cases to the office and states, “Dedication, qualified technique, agility and efficiency are its main characteristics, which make me feel completely comfortable in recommending it.” In fact, the office shines in the financial sector, and according to numerous banks, knowledge of the industry is very well combined with expertise in litigation: Eduardo Maia AbraĆ£o of the legal department of Banco Industrial do Brasil states that the office is “focused In the business world and financial markets.

” Another client in the banking area who works mainly with Dr. Patricia Rios notes that in Brazil it is “extremely difficult to find someone who offers the combination of excellent legal advice and a high-level strategic vision with the judiciary.

In my opinion, this combination is the best feature of Dr. Patricia “- noting, of course, that the need to hire Ricardo Tosta is a highly qualified lawyer is of great cost to the client.