John Goullet and Diversant Are a Match Made In Heaven

When Diversant, the famous, popular, and reputable IT staffing company, teamed up with John Goullet, who is now a member of their leadership and advisory board, many people expected great things. Diversant is a company with a motto that they stand by, which is empowered by difference. In a world where people tend to be copycats or do things everyone else, they are looking to be cutting edge, outside the box, and look for different and unique ways of doing things. They help set up the greats in the IT world with Fortune 500 companies. They are also minority-owned and they are giving jobs to people that might otherwise get overlooked because people don’t look at the talent that they possess.

Everyone at Diversant plays a vital and important role in the success of the company. It is not a one man show. Even though certain employees might have more responsibilities and more to do, no one has an unimportant role at Diversant. Any great team or great staff knows the importance of communication.

For John Goullet, the principal executive of the company, he came on board with the company in 2010 after he and Gene Waddy, Chief Executive Officer, saw that they could build something even greater. Goullet had previously run Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that had to find solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Once they came together and worked as one, they became a dream team. John brings that experience from working with Fortune 500 companies and that helps a great deal with Diversant.

In the end, John Goullet is thrilled to bring his ideas, thoughts, and beliefs to Diversant and Diversant is over the moon about having him on board. They see him as a valuable part of the company and someone that does a lot of good. It is always great when two people can work out an arrangement where everyone wins in the long run.

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