Thor Halvorssen Gains Trust As Human Rights Activist

When people think about human rights activists, the image that often comes to mind are people who just stand around talking about issues. There is also the image of someone that is unkempt and hates people while he loves humanity. Thor Halvorssen, on the other hand, is someone who is challenging that image. However, he is not intending to challenge the image. He is more intent on just fighting the battle and letting others know about the violations that are taking place in the other countries. He is also doing it with the intensity and the enthusiasm that is often missing from human rights activists.

There are many things that differentiate Thor Halvorssen from the other human rights activists that are making the rounds in media. For one thing, he is someone that gets himself deep into the fight. He is also not afraid to take any physical punishment in the midst of the fight for human rights against oppression in different countries so that there could be equality among all people. He is willing to take the fight as far as needed. He is also accepting the help of others who are willing to take on the cause of humanity.

Thor is actually more knowledgeable about the violations of human rights than other activists are. His family is very deep in the fight. He has also been victimized by the corrupt government through his family. His father was jailed and his mother was shot. In this case, he is one of the oppressed that is fighting against the oppression. This is one of the aspects that make him one of the best people to bring the fight to the dictators and the oppressors. He knows the nature of the corruption. This is what makes Thor someone who is trustworthy for human rights. for more .

Championing the rights of others; Thor Havlorssen

There is a statement that says that when you keep quiet as the other minorities and people who are disadvantaged are being oppressed, soon the oppressor will come for you, and you will have no one to speak on your behalf. Well, Thor is not the man to keep quiet and watch as things go wrong with humanity. He has been an activist for as long as he can remember, and his achievements, especially judging from his age, speak volumes about his commitment to the cause of making the world a better place for all humans.

Perhaps it is in his genes to be the advocate that he has been for his rights. Perhaps it is the experiences that he went through as a child that molded him into the vocal person that he is. well, judging from the fact that when he was a freshman in college, his father had been arrested, detained and was being tortured by corrupt government regimes, and he was the one leading the match to free him, we can say that it is a mixture of both. His mother also got shot while participating in a peaceful demonstration and both his parents came from generations of strong community leaders.

Thor is of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent. He has already established an organization that matches for the rights of the oppressed. The Human Rights Movement, which has its headquarters in New York, has been holding several events every year to create awareness about their goals and mission. The event has been dubbed as the Davos Conference of human rights and related issues.

Thor has also been involved in a number of cases himself. For instance, there was a time he and his crew  camera and newsmen narrowly escaped from a Vietnamese hostage situation. He, however, states that being hurt does not deter him or break his spirit. He reiterates that he does not care where a person comes from or what they do and that as long as a person cares deeply about the rights of others, they are speaking the same language and they can work together for the greater good. Thor at Facebook . for more.

How one Human Rights activist, Thor Halvorssen, is aimed at changing the world.

Having born in Caracas to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Hellum, Thor Leonard Mendoza is a human right advocate. Some of his major contributions majorly lie in the field of individual rights, public policy, public advocacy and pro-democracy advocacy. Majorly identified as Thor Halvorssen, he has gotten involved with the film industry as a producer.Thor Halvorssen is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum and the President of the Human Rights Foundation. The Oslo Foundation Forum entails a gathering majorly attended by human right activists who come together to discuss the various issue they face and how these issues can be resolved.

He has dedicated most of his years in the various organization that helps in fighting for human rights. One of these organizations he is fully involved is Czech-based Children Peace Movement where Thor is the movement’s patron. He believes a person regardless of how much wealth he/she has or the social class he/she is has rights and everyone should respect these rights. Some people especially the wealthy or politicians view other people as animals. If an individual sees you like an animal, he/she will treat you as one something Thor fights against. This is the main reason why Halvorssen decided to create Human Rights Foundation. HRF is a non-profit enterprise aim at protecting and promoting human rights not only in the Europe or Asia but the entire world.

Under the leadership of Thor, HRF aims at uniting everyone to one cause of promoting democracy and fighting for human rights. According to Thor, the main reason he is advocating for the defense of human rights is the mere fact that freedom should be promoted while still being preserved. He believes that success is only achieved when people are made to fight for one cause that will benefit all. Thor has expressed his thoughts regarding human rights everywhere he goes including public speaking or giving lectures on that issue. He says that if the world were filled with people who are willing to fight for their rights regardless of their leadership position, then the world would be a better place to live in. for more.