A Solution To Patient Shortage

Dental professionals do more than you might think. They provide patients with important knowledge on good oral hygiene, preventing dental decay, and generalized dental treatments. A dentist plays a multitude of roles in their practice. Often, this is very time consuming and tiring over the course of their career. The fact is that running a dental practice takes time and a tremendous amount of effort. Generally, it takes years to build up the practice and attract enough patients to make it successful.  MB2 Dental offers dental practices a solution to their practice to help attract patients, run the practice efficiently, while they devote more time to patient care.

MB2 Dental

The fact is that MB2 Dental has been providing dental practices with a wealth of solutions to help them run their dental practice more efficiently. They supply important solutions to keep the non-dental tasks running smoothly and without a hitch. The important services provided make it possible for the dental practitioner to stay focused on patient care.

MB2 Dental Services Provided

Let’s take a look at the top services that are provided by MB2 Dental.


  • IT – MB2 provides the latest IT solutions to help manage the office and keep it running smoothly
  • Billing & Collections – Don’t waste your important time collecting insurance information and preparing billing. Let MB2 Dental handle all that paperwork
  • Marketing -Let the company provide a solution to patient shortage by designing a marketing program that is guaranteed to bring in new patients
  • Recruiting – Our team of experts will make sure that your office is filled with a very experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Supplies – MB2 Dental will make sure that you are supplied with all the right items to keep the practice running smoothly
  • Business Development – We provide solutions to help your practice grow or build another practice
  • Training – You want the best staff. We deliver the best staff by providing the proper training

If you would like to learn more about all the solutions that MB2 Dental is able to supply to your practice, contact them immediately.

Dr. Villanueva And MB2 Is Modern Day Dentistry

Working in the field of dentistry for several years has taught Dr. Chris Villanueva many things. One of the many lessons that Dr. Villanueva learned, is to create your own lane, utilizing your passion. After previously working in the private sector and in corporate dentistry, Dr. Villanueva knew the pros and cons of both practices and decided to take action. With this effort, he founded the practice management network called MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a dental management network, created to connect sole practitioners with corporate dentist, and to fully maximize service provision to patients. Their main goal is to make dental work easier for their dentists, creating a more safe and simple work environment, while aligning dentist who have special attributes and certain skill strengths, with patients’ specified needs. This also improves the network’s customer service, brand loyalty and credibility.

Because the MB2 Dental network is fully owned by dentists, the system is more relatable to their members. This is further seen in their membership advantages. For instance, the entire network is fully automated, so dentist don’t have to deal with the hassle of daily business operations and administration. The MB2 system handles all accounting, billing, recruitment and hiring, as well as marketing and business development strategies.

The MB2 Dental network is covered in six states, with over 80 affiliates and 1,000 employees. Dr. Villanueva knows that it’s a blessing that he still has the opportunity to maintain his practice, and spoke on how his MB2 network enables him to fulfill his dream of “promoting the best of the best of sole-practitioner and corporate dentistry sides of the industry.”

The essence of MB2 is in the belief that dentists can achieve much more as a connected unit than as individuals. Dr. Villanueva set out to eliminate the negative perceptions associated with traditional dentistry practices, providing patients with a modernize system that inspire its’ doctors and positively impacts the lives of their patients.

Although born in Ohio, Dr. Chris Villanueva grew up overseas in Asia and South America spending his high school years in Venezuela. Before before becoming a certified dentist, Dr. Villanueva honed his craft for years, working as an associate dentist and associate dentist trainer. Not only is Dr. Villanueva a dentist, practice owner and CEO of MB2 Dental, he also serves as a mentor and educator for students in dental schools and as Dental Director.

Vincent Parascandola: A True Success Story:

Vincent Parascandola is currently Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors. Mr. Parascandola is in charge of Recruiting, Sales, Productivity as well as Internal Retention issues. Mr. Parascandola has over two decades of experience within the financial industry.

Vincent Parascandola is an expert in the field of Estate Planning as well as Retirement Planning. Mr. Parascandola can advise clients on how to invest for their children’s college years. In addition, he can also advise on issues concerning asset allocation as well as financial and asset protection.

Previously, Mr. Parascandola was employed by Prudential as an insurance agent/ broker. Vincent Parascandola was named “National Rookie of the Year” due to his accomplishments in sales and product development during his tenure with Prudential.

According to Wallet Hub, Vincent Parascandola also worked for MONY Life Insurance Company. Parascandola held a variety of positions while employed by MONY Life Insurance Company. He held a Field Management position as well as Assistant VP of Sales while employed by MONY. Vincent Parascandola was quite successful and worked his way up the corporate latter fairly quickly. Mr. Parascandola achieved a great deal while at MONY however, he decided to move forward and pursue other opportunities.

*Awards & Educational Background:

Vincent Parascandola possesses exceptional management as well as leadership skills. Mr. Parascandola received the prestigeous “GAMA Career Development Award”. In addition, he was also presented with the “Master Agency Award”, for expertise and professionalism while assuming a leadership role.

In a report by Brightscope, Vincent Parascandola graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor Degree in Business. Pace University is located in New York. Mr. Parascandola has returned to his former University numerous times for speaking engagements and to address graduating seniors. Vincent Parascandola is a well recognized and respected name at Pace University.

Vincent Parascandola has certainly made a name for himself through his hard work and ambition. Vincent Parascandola is a firm believer that a person can accomplish anything as long as they apply themselves and work toward their goal.

The Value of Leaders Understanding Their Companies’ Cultures: A Look At Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

A company’s culture is essential to its success. It denotes the shared beliefs of the individuals working at the company and is tailored towards meeting its objectives. As such, having a leader who understands the company’s culture is not only advised, it is essential. Brazilian bank, Bradesco was well aware of this fact when it appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to become its Chief Executive Officer in 2009. Having spent his entire professional career at the bank, Bradesco was like a family to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, and he understood it better than any other external candidate that the company may have been considering.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is only the fourth individual to be given the reigns of leadership at Bradesco. The bank’s first president, Amador Aguiar was also its founder. The second president was Lazaro Brandao, a man who continues to have considerable influence at the bank being the current Chairman of the Broad. The third President and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s predecessor was Marcio Cypriano. Cypriano was appointed to the position in 1999 beating a large pool of qualified candidates that included even Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He credited with commencing the large expansion cycles that Luiz Calos Trabuco Cappi would later continue.

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Before being appointed the Bradesco’s CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the president of Bradesco Seguros. Bradesco Seguros is a subsidiary of Bradesco that specifically operates in the insurance industry, offering tailored products to its millions of customers across the country. By the time he was leaving the subsidiary, Bradesco’s market share of all premiums had grown to a sizable 25% making it the most dominant company in the industry. Additionally, the value of the assets it held grew by over 100% to R$78 in the six years that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi headed up the company. Under his leadership, Bradesco Seguros’s importance to the group increased significantly with its contribution to the bank’s profit growing from 26% in 2003 to 35% in 2009.

In many ways, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s time at the helm of Bradesco will come to be defined by the spirited fight he has put up against fellow competitor, Itau Unibanco in the quest to become the largest private bank in the country. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over as president in March 2009, Itau had just taken the pole position in the market from Bradesco following the late 2008 merger of two banks, Unibanco and Banco Itau. At the time, Itau Unibanco was ahead of Bradesco in almost every market indicator. However, through aggressive maneuvers such as purchasing HSBC Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been able to wrestle up some ground from Itau Unibanco, now having a more extensive branch network, overall investments and the number of accounts held. Itau Unibanco still leads in a number of market indicators including total asset held. The next few years in the banking scene are, therefore, likely to be very interesting with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi assured to be right in the mix of things.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s strong adherence to simplicity is one of the main reasons for his success. Unlike many in his position, he prefers to wear discrete suits and shuns the limelight, especially in his personal time. He only speaks when needed and likes to listen intently, often avoiding intimidation using his light sense of humor. He prefers not to show his wealth through any apparent signs of ostentation openly. Additionally, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has made sure to emulate the traditional banking services initiated by his predecessors even where they do not lead to increased returns. He wants even the smallest client at Bradesco to feel valued.

Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://epocanegocios.globo.com/Empresa/noticia/2017/08/trabuco-retomada-do-credito-depende-de-volta-do-pib-e-da-taxa-de-investimento.html

Madison Street Capital And Their Valuation Services

The valuation services offered by Madison Street Capital are helpful for many companies who need assistance with business decisions. They are willing to create reports for their clients when the value of a company must be known, and they will help with the capitalization of firms who are searching for investors. This article explains how the Madison Street Capital reputation ensures that all businesses are given enough information to make wise choices.


#1: Valuation Reports


There are many valuation reports written by the Madison Street staff every year, and they are passed onto clients who have specific questions about their business or others. A company may request information on a business they plan to have dealings with, and they may ask for a report on their own company when they do not know its true. The reports are used to sell shares in a company, or they are used to ensure that the company is merger or sold properly.


#2: Researching Industries


There are quite a few people who wish to research their whole industry, and they will find quite a lot of information about averages in their field. Averages in an industry will help a company learn how they are performing, and they will save quite a lot of time making policy decisions. A company that knows how it compares to its industry will move in a new direction quite quickly.


#3: Handling Sales Or Purchases


Anyone who goes through a stock sale or share exchange may ask Madison Street to handle the sale on their behalf. Madison Street will handle the cash in the sale, and they will ensure the contracts are printed or signed properly. They will review the deal before it is signed, and they will protect both sides in the deal. Every transaction is secure, and the parties in the deal will complete their business in the Madison Street office.


#4: Ordering Valuations Today


There are quite a few valuations that must be completed in a short period of time, and Madison Street will move quickly to help their clients where needed. They have a reputation for being fast and accurate.


Anyone who requires a valuation report on another business or their own may contact Madison Street today. The reports are sent back to clients as soon as possible, and the reports may be used to sell stock, sell stakes in companies or merge companies.


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