Doe Deere: Style, Beauty and Inspirational Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who is credited for introducing color to the beauty industry. She is known for her colorful sense of style, with splashes of bright makeup and hair. If you go through her pictures on Instagram, you will notice the bright and colorful hues that represent her style and brand. What you may not know is that she is the face and brains behind the popular Lime Crime line of products.



Doe Deere is not just a pretty face and a ball of fun, she is also a businesswoman. Born in Russia and brought up in New York City, Doe started her career way back when she was selling clothes on eBay. She was not initially into makeup and fashion as a young girl. However, as a teenager, she started experimenting with makeup and even posted videos online.



Lime Crime: When it all started



Doe Deere took to designing and making her own clothes as a young adult. She decided to start selling them on eBay to make some money. The only setback she had was that she did not find enough colorful makeup to go with her designs. They say necessity is the mother of inventions. Doe decided to come up with her own makeup.



In 2008, Doe launched her own line of makeup which she named Lime Crime. She wanted to come up with beauty products which were not only colorful but which would give as many women as possible options which they could match with various outfits. She was also looking to come up with beauty products that were cruelty-free.



Lime Crime is characterized by bold colors, vibrancy and intensely pigmented options. The line is comprised of lipsticks, nail polishes and even eye makeup. The products have set new and high standards in the beauty market. Doe will be remembered for introducing the matte lipstick trend into the beauty industry. She has gone ahead to create other makeup products that represent quality and undeniable style.



Doe as a Role Model



Apart from being a style enthusiast, Doe does a lot of other things. She is a businesswoman who has inspired many young women to embrace themselves. With her range of makeup products, young girls can express themselves and be more confident. She also supports women-owned businesses and business ideas. She also does public speaking to encourage women to achieve their goals and keep their ambition alive.


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EOS Lip Balm is Taking Over the Chap Stick Market

Chapped lips are not attractive and nearly every person alive has experienced this condition. Most men do not care about having chapped lips. However, females do and EOS Lip Balm understands this fact. Sometime around 2010 this organization started to market and sell a unique brand of lip therapy that helped a person to keep their lips moist and supple. This new brand is called EOS Lip Balm.

Chapstick is the generic name for chapstick lip moisturizers that are commonly sold in the market. A company by the name of Chap Stick used to be the dominate players within this market segment until EOS came along.

The producers of EOS realized that consumers not only wanted moist lips they also desired their chapsticks to have soothing extra. So, they made a whole slew of fruit flavors and did away with the traditional chapstick tube design. EOS Lip Balm is sold in a rounded ball that allows people to put the balm onto their lips in an efficient way. See,

EOS lip balms are for girls and not for guys. However, guys do use them. The various balms are sold in a wide variety of unique colors and they have fruity flavors that are hard to resist. Some females love applying this balm to their lips because they just can’t get enough of the scrumptious taste that it provides to their lips.

EOS marketers figured out how to place this product into the market. They have managed to target pharmacy stores, beauty shops and major retail outlets like Well and Walmart. Once this product made it to the shelves of these stores, it began to be a big hit with consumers. People everywhere began to purchase EOS in droves. Now, it is the number one lip balm product on the market.


Lime Crime Offers The Finest Cosmetic Products

Lime Crime was started by blog curator Doe Deere to offer the world a new kind of cosmetic brand that is focused on bright and vibrant colors. The most vibrant of colors is found with the brand because these colors are not found with other companies.  This article explains how Lime Crime addresses the market with brighter colors than ever.


#1: How Bright Are The Colors?


The colors from this firm are brighter than anything in the industry, and they continue to produce colors that are bright every season. They wish to stay with the colors that are most pleasing to their eyes, and they are filling a gap in the market that is quite large. They offer matching colors in a number of styles, and the colors may be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips.


#2: How Is The Company Growing Every Year?

The brand is growing with help from those who are shopping with them online. They have avoided the common store counter model in favor of selling online. The company has a large and beautiful catalog online that is easy to shop, and women will see proper renderings of the color on models that are much like them.


#3: The Company Is Alternative


Women who lead an alternative lifestyle and dress in a different manner are often searching for makeup that will match their style, and it is quite important that women who are looking for something different check on the company before they buy. The catalog from the company is refreshing, and it offers a look that women will love. The alternative nature of the company is appealing to more and more women every year.


Lime Crime has done a fine job of reaching outside the traditional bounds of the cosmetics world. They are sharing a new sort of style that helps women enjoy their look, wear bright colors and shop online any time.

Fabletics Brings Positive Vibes and Reviews for Your Yoga Game

The workout wear extraordinaire Fabletics have become an iconic and successful company in the athletic wear industry. Their business model is also different from other workout fashion retailers. They handle business through VIP memberships and with guest shopping as an option.


The active wear of Fabletics is designed to be flexible and adjust with your body as you stress and go through full vinyasa yoga flows.


Fabletics sells tops and leggings designed with various active workouts in mind, including yoga workouts. Most of their workout gear can be used for yogis. Kate Hudson -who is the part owner of the Fabletics company-, is an avid yogi. She deliberately ensured most of the clothes could be used to do it all. Because she regularly does yoga, pilates, weight lifting, and jogging it makes sense why she wanted the Fabletics clothing to be multi-use. You can select one full yoga workout outfit each month for a VIP membership price of $49.95. Keep in mind that according to Krazy Coupon Lady the VIP membership additionally permits you to receive free shipping.


Fabletics has been positively reviewed by VIP members on their website and by many other review website. The Trust Pilot reviews site is filled with glowing and positive reviews about the quality of the Fabletics clothing and the ability to easily skip a month if you do not want to be charged the membership fee. The Fabletics company was rated a solid 7.5 out of a scale of 10 by those who reviewed the company on Trust Pilot reviews. The Fabletics company was additionally highly rated by the Krazy Coupon Lady who always is on the search for great deals and coupons. The Fabletics company in her opinion is a perfect company for those who want great prices for great quality products. She called the VIP membership a simple, easy process. You are just charged a monthly fee of $49.95 to buy a full outfit and receive free shipping along with it. She said you can always skip a month if you do not want to be charged and that she found the ability to cancel a VIP membership fairly easy if you just call their customer service. Most reviewers of Fabletics have said they were typically wowed by the Fabletics customer service. When canceling their membership, they found it to be easy and handled in a friendly manner by the customer service staff.


You can buy your yoga gear from Fabletics in the confidence that they will always give you a great price for a full outfit. They will always give you quality yoga outfit choices. And above all, you should always get great customer assistance from Fabletics.