Alexei Beltyukov Makes Math Curriculum Relatable for Young Learners

Solvy is the latest gracious gift from Alexei Beltyukov. Beltyukov is a gracious entrepreneur known for angel-funding various entrepreneurs. He has also helped to provide struggling companies in Russia with financial assistance. Beltyukov has a very clear desire to help those around him. He has been called a pioneer in Russian business because he made executive leadership courses more affordable and available to the general public. His track record of successful entrepreneurship makes him an excellent CEO at Solvy and gives the public hope that this program will be found in schools very soon.

In education today students often turn to their teachers, parents, or friends in frustration saying,”When will I ever use this? Why does it even matter if I know this?” By integrating web-based Solvy software into math curriculum, this question will be completely eliminated from their minds.

Solvy shows students math problems based on their interests. For example, if a child is interested in music, Solvy will use music concepts to teach students the math concepts which were assigned by the teacher. Solvy is also fantastic for educators who crave more accurate data. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can see how they solved the problem and if they arrived at the correct answer: no more hours of grading graphs and tables! Solvy makes math content relatable and interesting to students while giving teachers more time to focus on targeted instruction.

Solvy is very versatile: it can be used by just a student or in conjunction with a teacher’s virtual Solvy classroom. This gives all students the opportunity to use Solvy and better their understanding of math regardless of their teacher’s inclusion or exclusion of this program. Solvy is web-based and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection making this program even more innovative and convenient. Next time you hear a question about how math is relevant to a student, send them to where they can discover just how relevant math really is.  Follow Alexei on MTV for further information.