Fabletics Brings Positive Vibes and Reviews for Your Yoga Game

The workout wear extraordinaire Fabletics have become an iconic and successful company in the athletic wear industry. Their business model is also different from other workout fashion retailers. They handle business through VIP memberships and with guest shopping as an option.


The active wear of Fabletics is designed to be flexible and adjust with your body as you stress and go through full vinyasa yoga flows.


Fabletics sells tops and leggings designed with various active workouts in mind, including yoga workouts. Most of their workout gear can be used for yogis. Kate Hudson -who is the part owner of the Fabletics company-, is an avid yogi. She deliberately ensured most of the clothes could be used to do it all. Because she regularly does yoga, pilates, weight lifting, and jogging it makes sense why she wanted the Fabletics clothing to be multi-use. You can select one full yoga workout outfit each month for a VIP membership price of $49.95. Keep in mind that according to Krazy Coupon Lady the VIP membership additionally permits you to receive free shipping.


Fabletics has been positively reviewed by VIP members on their website and by many other review website. The Trust Pilot reviews site is filled with glowing and positive reviews about the quality of the Fabletics clothing and the ability to easily skip a month if you do not want to be charged the membership fee. The Fabletics company was rated a solid 7.5 out of a scale of 10 by those who reviewed the company on Trust Pilot reviews. The Fabletics company was additionally highly rated by the Krazy Coupon Lady who always is on the search for great deals and coupons. The Fabletics company in her opinion is a perfect company for those who want great prices for great quality products. She called the VIP membership a simple, easy process. You are just charged a monthly fee of $49.95 to buy a full outfit and receive free shipping along with it. She said you can always skip a month if you do not want to be charged and that she found the ability to cancel a VIP membership fairly easy if you just call their customer service. Most reviewers of Fabletics have said they were typically wowed by the Fabletics customer service. When canceling their membership, they found it to be easy and handled in a friendly manner by the customer service staff.


You can buy your yoga gear from Fabletics in the confidence that they will always give you a great price for a full outfit. They will always give you quality yoga outfit choices. And above all, you should always get great customer assistance from Fabletics.