Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Over As Chairman, Still Has To Perform Role Of CEO

Luiz Trabuco is an incredibly well reputed name in the banking sector in Brazil. He is known for leading one of the biggest banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco. He is considered to be an incredibly effective leader and has won several awards for the work that he has done.

He was given the award for Entrepreneur of the Year for finance by This Is Money, an incredibly well known financial magazine. In 2009, Trabuco was listed as one of the most influential people in Brazil and one of the best CEOs, which were inferred upon him by Forbes Magazine.

Trabuco is a graduate of the St. Paul Marilia College and attained a degree in philosophy from there. He later went on to do a postgraduate course in Social Psychology and was given a degree by the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo.

Trabuco has led a brilliant career at Bradesco, having worked there from such a young age. He started working as a bank teller for Bradesco when he was just seventeen. He worked at several positions at one of the bank’s branches, and slowly climbed the corporate rung. Hard work and dedication have been two of the principles that Trabuco has lived by, and are two things that have helped him through the course of his career. He then went on to work at the Insurance segment of Bradesco and worked his way up to become the CEO of Bradesco Life and Pension. During his time as the CEO, the company saw an incredible improvement, not just in the operations, but in the profits that they earned as well. The company soon developed to be a leader in its sector, and Trabuco gaining an incredible reputation for himself.

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After leading that division of Bradesco for a considerable amount of time, the company executives thought that it was time to get Trabuco onboard, working at the main headquarters of the entire company. He was soon given the position of CEO of the main company which he worked at, until now.

Earlier this year, Trabuco came forward to announce the retirement of longtime Chairman, Mr. Brandao. Brando had been serving for over twenty-five years in the same position and now was ready to step down at the age of ninety-one. He was the oldest bank chairmen in the entire world and was highly regarded as being among the people that built the foundations that Bradesco stands on. With the most important position within the company left vacant, Trabuco was asked to step in and take over as the new chairman of Bradesco.

However, the company has not yet chosen who Trabuco’s successor would be. The company has a long-standing history of only electing people to higher positions who have worked for a considerable amount of years at Bradesco. To this effect, there is a limited pool of people that can become the CEO of Bradesco, which analysts have been speculating over, even though the company has not given out any official information. Until the new CEO is selected Mr. Trabuco will be performing both the roles, of CEO and Chairman of Bradesco.

Having as much experience working at the company as he does, Trabuco is proving to be a brilliant fit for the position of chairman. Even though he is performing both the roles at the company, the executives at Bradesco are sure that he will be able to fulfill them with absolute ease.

Bradesco will most likely announce the new CEO to the company at the shareholders meeting, which is set to happen at the end of the financial year.

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Sheriff Joe Apraio Is Pardoned While Michael Lacy And Jim Larkin Help Mitigate The Damage He Caused

In July of 2017, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County received a conviction for criminal contempt. He had been the sheriff for 24 years, and he supported Donald Trump’s accusations that President Obama was not born in the United States.

The move was intelligent because he was just pardoned by President Trump. He will not go to prison, or pay for his actions. His opponents rejoiced when he lost the 2016 election, but felt he still had not paid for the pain he was responsible for.

The Frontera Fund is continuing the fight against men like the Sheriff, and the policies he endorsed. The career of Joe Arpaio was based on hard lining immigration. There is a large Hispanic and Latino population in Maricopa County, Arizona, and Joe Arpaio violated their civil rights.

He believed he was immune to prosecution because his behavior had lasted for so long with no consequences. In 2011, the change began when a preliminary injunction was issued by Judge G. Murray ordering the Sheriff to stop his persecution of Latino drivers.

Despite the clarity of the order, Arpaio continued the same tactics for at least another eighteen months. In May of 2013, Judge Snow ruled Arpaio was engaging in racial profiling. Arpaio’s claim was he had misunderstood the terms of the order. His protestations did not help him, and Judge Susan Bolton convicted him of criminal contempt.

She additionally ruled he had failed to make certain his employees obeyed the order, yet Joe Arpaio gave his employees orders to continue detaining the drivers of Hispanic and Latino descent. What a lot of the public was unaware of was in addition to harassing the Latino and Hispanic drivers, Joe Arpaio fought anyone who criticized him.

An excellent example is the case involving the Phoenix New Times. Arpaio was already unhappy with the paper for reporting his transgressions, and it came to a boil when the paper discovered Arpaio had grand jury subpoena issued requesting information about the readers, writers and editors of the paper. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

An expose was published by the paper, and Arpaio reacted by sending armed deputies to arrest Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin from the Phoenix New Times. The two executives were removed from their homes, and placed in unmarked SUV’s. They were booked into jails under Arpaio’s management. Although they were released within a day, they had been detained illegally, and Arpaio was in violation of their First Amendment rights.

This resulted in a lengthy legal battle until 2012. The Court ruled there was no probable cause for their arrest, and it was noted public officials had ordered their critics arrested. Maricopa County had to pay a settlement of $3.7 million to Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin.

They established the Frontera Fund with the settlement, and began supporting Latino and Hispanic rights. The organizations supported by the fund help Hispanics and Latinos when law enforcement and public officials discriminate against them. While Joe Arpaio will not go to prison, much of the damage that occured under his rule is being undone by the Frontera Fund.

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You Wouldn’t Believe What Tony Petrello Did For Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Katrina – it’s mandatory to wish all brave souls affected by the terrible natural disaster while it’s first brought up in this piece of writing – is known widely by United States citizens as almost the worst natural disaster in the history of our collectively great country.

Fortunately for all those that live in the United States of America, citizens often get aid to cover themselves from health issues, lack of housing, and other detrimental results that come directly from not having sufficient resources to stow away their problems.

Here’s What Mr. Tony Petrello Started To Do For Those Taken Aback By The Peril-Promoting Natural Disaster Better Known As Hurricane Harvey

Money isn’t an issue for CEO Tony Petrello or his employer, Nabors Industries. Rather than giving money to all the people that worked there, dislocating regular church locations so that more people could go, or other “favors” that wouldn’t have really helped that much, if any at all, he decided to do something that would actually help everybody involved.

On a handful of workdays during regular, standard workweeks, employees were still paid for their regular positions, although they were allowed to go to areas that needed help. They were able to choose from a few locations, and able to go to whichever location they felt like needed their help the most.

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OK, So Nabors Industries And Tony Petrello Did Provide Funding, But In A Way That Was Proven To Help

Many people and organizations alike feel like giving money to those in need after natural disasters are the best way to help its affected populations out according to However, even though it might not seem true upon first glance, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Giving money directly to those affected would actually have been a bad idea. As the genius in Mr. Tony Petrello realized, doing so – if he and Nabors Industries did so, that is – was a rotten, spoiled line of thinking.

Nabors Industries matched donations that the employees of the company gave to help hasten relief efforts on a dollar-by-dollar basis, with Tony Petrello himself actually being that one that pocketed the cost.

$173,622 total dollars were contributed to such relief funds by employees, of which Petrello matched identically, as he promised, with a $173,622 total dollar value matched.

Petrello is currently the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

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Robert Santiago: Building the Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He owns the Manaira Shopping, the largest mall in the state of Paraiba. He managed to change the lifestyle of the locals, and transformed his hometown of Joao Pessoa into one of Brazil’s leading economic centers. Roberto Santiago was once a struggling writer, but because of his dreams of becoming a successful businessman someday, he persevered and did some hard work so that he can purchase a vacant lot located near the city center where the future mall would rise. He purchased the lot in 1987, and construction began immediately. The building was finished within two years, and Manaira Mall opened its doors to the public in 1989. Roberto Santiago’s mall became an instant hit, and so many people visited the mall during their opening day. Through the years of operation, the mall has undergone several renovations and expansions, and today, the mall has a number of fun activities that will keep the customers busy.



The mall has a dedicated entertainment center that can be enjoyed by families who are visiting for the weekend. There are brand new arcades inside their gaming center, and new blockbuster films are being shown inside their state of the art theater. There is also a bowling alley inside the mall, and a gigantic concert hall located on the rooftop, named the Domus Hall. It was completed in 2009, and it can seat up to 4,000 people per event. The concert hall is also the most visited location inside the mall, because international celebrities and musicians prefer to hold their concert inside the building which has a state of the art programming equipment. Aside from musical events, the Domus Hall also accommodates graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and wedding receptions.



Manaira Mall also offers a unique shopping experience. The mall houses some of the leading fashion brands, and they have a dedicated area inside the mall where people can find them. The mall also has a gastronomic section, where a gigantic food court can be found. This food court offers some of the best food around the city, and it comes in different cultural cuisines. Another feature of the gastronomic section is the set of gourmet restaurants which can be found inside the area, and they serve rare delicacies prepares by top chefs. Today, other facilities and institutions can be found inside the Manaira Mall, most notably fitness centers, residential complexes, banks, offices, and even an educational institution. The establishment of the Manaira Mall changed the life of Roberto Santiago. Today, the mall tycoon is planning of expanding his malls to major Brazilian cities like Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeieo. He also has plans of opening a second mall inside the city of Joao Pessoa.


Vijay Eswaran And His Book ‘In The Sphere Of Silence’

People today seem to be afraid of silence. They constantly surround themselves with the sound of conversation, music or television shows. The QI Group founder and CEO Vijay Eswaran believes spending time in silence has helped make him a better businessman.

In his book ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ he says spending an hour each day in quiet introspection helps to sharpen the mind. Silence can improve one’s imagination and inner life. Eswaran credits regularly spending time in silence with helping him build his $700 million company.

Raised in Malaysia, Eswaran values the meditative Hindu tradition of his Indian ancestors. His grandfather taught him a ritual of silence called mouna vratham. In his management book he advises people to do three very important things: Think before you speak. Listen a lot. Make daily to-do lists.

The book short, easy to read and contains aphorisms and quotations from people ranging from the Prophet Mohammed, Mother Theresa and Aristotle to Keats and Norman Schwarzkopf. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

‘In the Sphere of Silence’ was published in 2005 in Asia by Eswaran’s publishing company Rhythm House and sold well in Southeast Asia. Rhythm is an acronym that stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.

The book was recently released in the United States. It has helped Vijay Eswaran to develop the reputation as something of a spiritual guru for the business minded CEO set. Eswaran attributes his success in building the QI Group to following the precepts in the book. He says the optimum time to spend in absolute silence is between 4:30 and 6 a.m.

Vijay Eswaran breaks the hour into five periods. The first is spent reflecting on what he could have done better the previous day. In the second writes his goals for the present day. In period three, he writes his goals for the coming week, year and 5 years and restates them daily.

During period four he reads inspirational or informative literature and writes a brief summary of it. Period five is spent communicating with God. The book is designed to help people contemplate and channel their energies for maximum effect.

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Troy McQuagge: Leading One Of The Largest Health Insurance Providers In America

Troy McQuagge has been having a great year owing to the fact that he was recently given the award of CEO of the year.

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, one of the leading health insurance providers in America. Troy McQuagge has been instrumental in bringing together numerous changes to the company and is the reason the company has managed to attain its position at the top of the sector. Read

The award stands as a testament to the incredible service that Troy McQuagge has been doing for the company and the incredible amount of work that he has put in to see the company at the position which it currently is in.

The award that was given to Troy McQuagge was by One Planet Awards. The organization is which gives out awards to notable people across several professional fields. The candidates who are nominated for this position are thoroughly examined by the organization’s esteemed group of members.  Learn more about Troy McQuagge:

Troy was awarded owing to his incredible dedication to USHealth Group and the sector in general. He has brought along things that no CEO of the company has ever done before, making him the perfect fit for being the recipient of this fantastic award.

Even though he was the winner of such a massive award, Troy McQuagge tried his best to stay humble during his acceptance speech. His speech during the ceremony was inspiring, and he went on to say that the award was not just for him, but for the people working to make USHealth Group the company that it currently is.

Troy McQuagge has been working for USHealth Group for quite a long period. He is seen as an incredible leader of the company and believes in motivating his employees, rather than discouraging them so that they can always put their best foot forward at their workplace.

One of the reasons why Troy McQuagge has gained such incredible recognition, both inside the company and outside as well is due to the current policies that USHealth Group has in place. Read more; Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Troy McQuagge, having spent so much time in the sector knew that people want a policy that fits their needs and is personalized to them and no one else. People who come to USHealth Group for their health insurance needs are often given insurances that are customized to them and their needs alone.

No two people getting health insurance can be alike, which is why Troy McQuagge thought that it would be best to go down this route and implement this efficiency system. The plans that are now being provided have been of great help to the people buying them, and also for the growth of the company as well.

José Auriemo Neto leads JHSF through a success path

José Auriemo Neto is one of the most accomplished Brazilian businessmen. Jose has stamped his authority as a substantial figure in the Brazilian real estate sector. José Auriemo Neto is the current chairman and the CEO of JHSF Participaces SA, one of the best real estate companies in Brazil. This real estate company is transforming Brazilian’s landscape by developing state-of-the-art residential and commercial properties across Brazil.

The company is majorly engaged in the development of office buildings, high-end hotels along with other properties. JHSF has also shown interests in spreading its tentacles to retail developments. Some of the successful retail development projects undertaken by the company include Cidade Jardim shopping mall which is the most popular in Sao Paulo.

Other notable developments by the company include the Metro Tucuruv, Bela Vista, which is located in Salvador, and Ponta Negra shopping complex, which is located in Manaus. There is a couple of other big projects that are in progress in the Sao Paulo district. These real estate developments have a direct positive impact on the Brazilian’s economy.

Huge credit for JHSF’s success goes to the CEO and the President the company, José Auriemo Neto. JHSF has achieved a lot of success since José Auriemo Neto joined the company in 2009. José Auriemo Neto has a wealth of experience in the real estate sector that spans over 20 years. José Auriemo has managed to enter into exclusive partnerships with renowned international brands such as Gucci, Hermes, and Jimmy Choo.

Most of these multinational companies have opened their retail outlets in shopping complexes that are owned by JHSF. In 2012, JHSF signed an exclusive partnership with Valentino. This led to the establishment of the first Valentino stores in the country. José Auriemo Neto has been responsible for JHSF’s success and the development of some of the biggest real estate structures in the country.


Brian Torchin – Chief Executive Officer of HCRC Staffing

The educational background of Brian Torchin includes learning at the University of Delaware where he focused on exercise science. He also earned from the same University an undergrad pre-med bachelor of science degree. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

After finishing his undergraduate education, he went ahead to further his education at the New York Chiropractic College where he managed to successfully complete his academics with a doctor of chiropractic degree. After his graduation,

Mr. Torchin became a board certified and licensed chiropractic practitioner and founded his own clinic that specialized in offering patients with chiropractic care.

The chiropractic clinic was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Brian Torchin was responsible for seeing patients and alleviating their suffering and pain with skills and knowledge in medical science.

He spent numerous years managing and opening medical departments in Florida, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

With this expertise in the medical field, Mr. Brian Torchin launched his medical offices with physician assistants, doctors of chiropractic, physical therapists, and physicians, which resulted in the evolution of a staffing firm called HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing is a staffing company that meets the needs of hospitals, healthcare companies, and legal firms.

Responsibilities played by HCRC staffing tin the healthcare industry include providing these companies with nurse practitioners, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, urgent care providers, dentists, physical therapists, and physician assistants.

Moreover, the company also aids medical offices and companies fulfill roles in billing, public relations, office management, and front desk receptionists. HCRC Staffing also helps companies in the legal industry fill positions for secretaries, attorneys, administrators, paralegals, and assistants.

As claimed by Mr. Torchin, the primary objective of HCRC Staffing is to have the ability to find a qualified employee to fill critical job positions and duties in health care and legal firms with a time span of three days.

As a former medical specialist, Brian Torchin became aware of the fact that the single biggest challenge in employing workers in the legal and healthcare sector is the employee turnover.

The purpose of starting HCRC staffing was to attend to this need and provide firms with tools that they can utilize to quickly fill roles that are viral in the day to day business operations.

HCRC Staffing has its customers coming from all over the world, with the majority of them coming from Australia, Canada, United States, and Europe. Mr. Torchin is responsible for HCRC’s periodic publication regarding recruiting, employment, and hiring.


The Value of Leaders Understanding Their Companies’ Cultures: A Look At Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

A company’s culture is essential to its success. It denotes the shared beliefs of the individuals working at the company and is tailored towards meeting its objectives. As such, having a leader who understands the company’s culture is not only advised, it is essential. Brazilian bank, Bradesco was well aware of this fact when it appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to become its Chief Executive Officer in 2009. Having spent his entire professional career at the bank, Bradesco was like a family to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, and he understood it better than any other external candidate that the company may have been considering.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is only the fourth individual to be given the reigns of leadership at Bradesco. The bank’s first president, Amador Aguiar was also its founder. The second president was Lazaro Brandao, a man who continues to have considerable influence at the bank being the current Chairman of the Broad. The third President and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s predecessor was Marcio Cypriano. Cypriano was appointed to the position in 1999 beating a large pool of qualified candidates that included even Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He credited with commencing the large expansion cycles that Luiz Calos Trabuco Cappi would later continue.


Before being appointed the Bradesco’s CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the president of Bradesco Seguros. Bradesco Seguros is a subsidiary of Bradesco that specifically operates in the insurance industry, offering tailored products to its millions of customers across the country. By the time he was leaving the subsidiary, Bradesco’s market share of all premiums had grown to a sizable 25% making it the most dominant company in the industry. Additionally, the value of the assets it held grew by over 100% to R$78 in the six years that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi headed up the company. Under his leadership, Bradesco Seguros’s importance to the group increased significantly with its contribution to the bank’s profit growing from 26% in 2003 to 35% in 2009.

In many ways, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s time at the helm of Bradesco will come to be defined by the spirited fight he has put up against fellow competitor, Itau Unibanco in the quest to become the largest private bank in the country. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over as president in March 2009, Itau had just taken the pole position in the market from Bradesco following the late 2008 merger of two banks, Unibanco and Banco Itau. At the time, Itau Unibanco was ahead of Bradesco in almost every market indicator. However, through aggressive maneuvers such as purchasing HSBC Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been able to wrestle up some ground from Itau Unibanco, now having a more extensive branch network, overall investments and the number of accounts held. Itau Unibanco still leads in a number of market indicators including total asset held. The next few years in the banking scene are, therefore, likely to be very interesting with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi assured to be right in the mix of things.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s strong adherence to simplicity is one of the main reasons for his success. Unlike many in his position, he prefers to wear discrete suits and shuns the limelight, especially in his personal time. He only speaks when needed and likes to listen intently, often avoiding intimidation using his light sense of humor. He prefers not to show his wealth through any apparent signs of ostentation openly. Additionally, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has made sure to emulate the traditional banking services initiated by his predecessors even where they do not lead to increased returns. He wants even the smallest client at Bradesco to feel valued.

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The Success of Audio Cassio in music industry in his early life

Cassio Audio was a prominent musician in mid-1980, Cassio is a co-founder of Viper rock band. He began music with the Rock band in 1985 until 1989 when he decided to pursue business. In Viper rock band, Cassio Audio played drums. He was a renowned drummer among the heavy metal fans due to his expertise in drumming and his participation in spreading heavy metal to Latin America. He was a multi-talented musician since he could play the drums and also write a song. He is remembered for writing a song for the Soldiers of Sunrise album. He played a crucial role in developing the band.

Cassio Audio featured on the Viper’s first two albums and their demos among others. He last featured on the album Soldiers of Sunrise. An album released a year before parting ways with the band. He was inspired by Iron Maiden and the British heavy metal music. He exhibited proper skill and talent for the music industry which would have enabled him to blossom in the music career. His excellence in drums was appreciated during their demo album called The Killer Sword.

Despite English being their second, they managed to produce a high-class music that showed their ability to do greater things in the music industry. Soldiers of Sunrise album received a four-star by Allmusic. Their first demo album released by the band was the Killer Sword. It was composed of trucks includes Princess from Hell, Killera, and Nightmare. The tracks were later included on their first album. They commanded the music in Brazil and across the borders staging shows in Europe and the American continent. Cassio Audio contributed immensely to the success of the first album. The album made the band rose to stardom in rock music. The band then launched the Theater of Fate in 1989 before the departure of Audio Cassio.