Chapstick No Longer Top Lip Balm

Chapstick is no longer the best-selling lip balm on the market. Two brands have taken over the top two spots, leaving this well-known brand in spot number three. EOS, short for Evolution of Smooth, currently holds the number two slot for best lip balm brand. The best lip balm brand title goes to Burt’s Bees, although EOS is a close second.

Many people wonder how a brand like EOS lip balm could come in a knock Chapstick down a notch, especially considering the brand has a history spanning over 100 years, But for many others, it isn’t a big surprise that EOS came in and dominated the lip balm industry. Chapstick became bland and boring, and offered no life or energy. Facebook trendsetting wasn’t a term familiar with the brand, so it seemed since they offered limited flavors in their additive-created product.

EOS provided consumers with a trend-setting package and design that was fun to use and fun to carry. They stepped out of the norm and offered their lip balm in fun flavors. And, instead of relying on manufactured ingredients, EOS focused on natural, organic ingredients in their lip balm. These factors, and the low cost of about $3 per orb on Target, put EOS on the map and in seven years, they became a household name that women wanted for their lips.


Stock Trading Is A Lucrative Venture

If you have been researching business opportunities, investment options or investment advisers and are now ready to get started building wealth, you may be wondering who to rely on for quality advice or information.

Jim Hunt and his popular firm, VTA Publications have the top quality information products that you need to reach your goal.

Jim has earned a great reputation in the industry and is one of the top rated entrepreneurs out there. He is an expert in stock trading and has amassed huge sums of money and wealth for himself.

Many people consider stock trading as the perfect way to financial independence at With the advent of Internet and the introduction of stock trading, thousands of people got attracted to the industry because trading from your computer is fast, and convenient.

Trading stocks is a highly profitable endeavor that can help you achieve financial independence and enjoy a better lifestyle. While stock trading certainly offers lifestyle flexibility and in fact huge returns on investment on YouTube, it is advisable to take steps to minimize risks.

Because trading is an easy venture to get into, newbies often have the impression that they can start without investing in their education.

If you are thinking about trading stocks, it is extremely important that you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. There is learning and skill development involved, and you need to invest some time and effort. That’s where Jim Hunt and his company, VTA Publications can be of great help.

Jim provides resources and mindset training tutorial to enable people to properly get equipped with what they need to achieve success. Like any business, there are risks involved and by preparing and taking the right steps you can improve your chances for success.

Stock trading information resources like VTA Publications and Jim’s books and courses can provide people with a lot of valuable information, secrets and tips pertaining to success, investing and stock trading. From Jim’s course, Wealth Wave, and his business startup guides and training on to stock picks and self-help books that can help you build a positive mental attitude, Jim Hunt gives you the knowledge to reach your dream of financial freedom.

Blogger Investigates Claims of Wen by Chaz Dean

Emily McClure is a popular Facebook blogger with a substantial following. She blogs about hair and fashion tips, how to be happy and healthy while competing in this style-conscious world. She recently contributed an in-depth article to on a popular and controversial hair care product, Wen by Chaz Dean. The product is a purported all-in-one shampoo and conditioner, and it cleans the hair of residues and leaves it ready and able to be fashionably styled. While the product promises a great deal, the price tag reflects its claims by costing about double the costs of comparable products on the market. Certain hair-care products, usually sold at salons, are priced above other products, but customers of the salons feel that these may be of a higher quality than other products.

McClure decided to investigate. She followed the recommended directions on the bottle of Wen by Chaz Dean for use and compiled the results in a written and photographed essay. We follow her through the entire week that she used the product. She naturally and self-consciously presents herself as the hair model, and we watch her undergo the transition beginning with a photo of her returning exhausted from a business trip with unmanageable and dirty hair to the final photo in the series after the seventh day. Read and see the full seven day in-depth study here: Bustle

McClure reports that at the end of the seven-day trial her hair seemed more manageable and that the results were more or less positive, but she ends the discourse by suggesting that anyone interested in the product try it for themselves. For pricing and details of the product visit the website. More information and reviews of the product are also available on Amazon.



Review Of George Soros’s Developments And Philanthropy

George Soros is an 86-year-old fund manager. He is based in New York. His immense political influence and wealth have placed him among the most powerful individuals on earth. George Soros made his fortune of $13 billion from hedge funds. George Soros also made another $25 billion in investor AUM through his firm, Soros Fund Management. In 2016, George ranked position 19 on Forbes 400, number 23 on Forbes Billionaires and tenth among the Highest Earning Hedge-Fund Managers by Forbes. Soros is a traditional political supporter who channels his wealth to Democratic Party and causes such as immigration reforms, justice reform, religious tolerance and Black Lives Matter. Through his organization, the Open Society Foundation, he has dispensed over $5 billion to numerous organizations that advocate for open societies. This information was originally mentioned on Forbes.

Born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, George Soros grew up during the Nazi reign where they were forced to conceal their Jewish heritage and forge Christian identification for safety on Investopedia. George flew to England in 1947. Here, he enrolled at the London School of Economics. He had the opportunity of associating with Karl Popper, the Viennese-born philosopher whose book “The Open Society and Its Enemies” gave George the idea of Open Society Foundation. He graduated from the institution in 1952. George started his career at the London Brokerage Company Singer and Friedlander, where he gained extensive experience in international arbitrage. Later, he moved to New York where he joined Wall Street as a stock trader. George Soros plan was to stay at New York for five years and save $500,000 before returning to Europe. However, this situation changed when he secured a job at the Investment Bank Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc. as a portfolio manager.

While working for Bleichroeder, he established the “Double Eagle Fund” with a capital of $4 million, including his own $250,000. Four years later, Soros partnered with his assistant, Jim Rogers, to form Soros Fund Management, a private partnership. By 1985, the entity was worth over $1 billion. In 1979, George started engaging in philanthropic activities through the Open Society Foundation. Over the years, he has supported many organizations on Some of them are The Arab American Institute impugns, The National Council of La Raza charges, The Center for Community Change, Healthcare for America Now and Alliance for Justice among many others. As a political donor, Soros has supported candidates like Joe Bidden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Sestak and Ken Salazar among others. He has also channeled his money to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the National Committee Services Corporation. After the 9/11 terrorist attack, Soros started engaging in active American Politics. He viewed this as an opportunity to rethink and reshape America.

OSI Group Continues To Expand

OSI Group started out like many others back in the early 1900’s; 1909 to be exact. WOW! What a story. Otto Kolschowsky started it as a Family meat market. In 1917 he expanded into the wholesale meat trade and when McDonald’s opened their first store; who did they choose to be their supplier of beef patties? Non other that Otto and Sons which is what OSI was known as in those days. Supplying beef patties to local McDonald’s stores became their main business and as McDonald’s grew so did Otto and Sons. They became one of four McDonald’s meat suppliers world wide.

OSI Group has grown into an American Privately held International supplier of custom foods and has become one of the top food companies around the world. They service the retail food service industries with their headquarters in the heartland of America, Aurora, Illinois. In 2011 Forbes listed it as America’s 136th largest private company. Fast forwarding to 2016, OSI Group was number 58 on the list of Forbes largest private companies at $6.1 billion with 65 facilities in 17 different countries around the world. OSI Group recently won the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. This didn’t happen by accident. OSI Group takes food safety very seriously along with growing their company in an environmentally sensitive way to become a leader in their industry. They have also been recognized for other achievements over the years including awards for management of health and safety risks and for environmental management.

OSI is one of America’s top 100 food companies because of its commitment to food safety but also because of its 20,000 dedicated employees who all share a passion and commitment to help OSI succeed. They deserve much of the credit for the companies great success. Their employees strive on delivering service and solutions to OSI Group’s large and diverse customer base around the globe. Their employees are encouraged to always be on the lookout for ways to improve every aspect of their job. OSI is always searching for individuals who thrive on thinking out of the box, with the ability to solve complex problems. These types of individuals can enjoy a long and very rewarding career with OSI.

Currently OSI offers custom food processing for foods that include meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and other proteins for their customers very unique demands. With the purchase of a 200,000 square foot food processing facility in Chicago, Illinois, previously owned by Tyson Foods, OSI will have additional resources to support their continuing growth. OSI Group’s constant search for opportunities for expansion and their recent acquisition of Flagship Europe, will strengthen their position in the European market as well as increasing their opportunities for the future. Flagship Europe is a supplier to the UK food service industry and has an extensive range of quality products. Another move that will also compliment OSI in the European markets is its recent acquisition of a controlling interest in Baho Food, a Dutch company involved in the manufacture of food items for the food service industry. When the merger of the control approval is completed it will strengthen their position in Europe almost instantly. Both of these companies will compliment OSI Group’s already strong position in food processing and will help strengthen their ability to serve their customers and support future long term growth.

OSI Group will continue to explore new opportunities around the world to strengthen and grow their business.

George Soros; The Greatest Investor & Philanthropist

Personal profile

George Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1947. He fled the country during the Nazi-occupation from England. He joined the London school of economics and obtained certification and worked at a local investment bank in London. George Soros immigrated to the United States in the year 1956 and held the positions of an analyst and investment managers in three investment firms located in the New York City.

In 1973, George Soros decided to start his venture and founded the great hedge fund called Soros Fund Management which is now the well renounced Quantum Fund. For more than twenty years, he had successfully and aggressively run his fund and earned himself more than thirty percent profit every year. On two occasions he was reported to have earned himself more than one hundred percent profit on Time.

He gave up the day to day management of the vast quantum fund in the year 1980 as one of the worlds’ richest people. George Soros then became a philanthropist and donated vast amounts of money through his founded Open Source Foundations. In the past years, Soros has decided to venture into political activism. He has extensively lectured and written on the United States role in issues that deal with human rights, education and political freedom as well as world affairs.

When the University of Oxford offered George Soros an honorary degree and answered the question, he was asked how he wanted to be described, and he said that he would like to be called a philosophical speculator, philanthropist, and financial speculator t This is the overall summation of George Soros, and the adjectival phrase is very fortunate can be added to this description.

Investment Style

Soros was a genius in translating the harsh economic climate into high leverage for generating substance. As a speculator, he was a short term investor and made enormous bets towards the direction of the economic market on Biography. He believed that this market could be chaotic. Currencies and security prices depend on the traders and the human beings involved in the markets and both the non-professional and professional who sell and buy the assets. These people act on emotions and not based on the logical considerations. For further reading, please visit Investopedia.

Soros Plan

The EU must accept the responsibility that they lack a common refugee policy and that has transformed from the growing number of refugees to a political crisis to a manageable problem. Every member of the state is focusing selfish interests and not the interest of others. The panic among the refugees and the public has been precipitated. The refugees are the worst victims.

A comprehensive plan is what the EU needs for it to respond vividly to the crisis. The plan is one that reasserts legal authority over the asylum seekers flows to take place in an orderly, safe, and a pace reflecting the capacity of Europe to absorb the refugees. For the plan to be comprehensive enough, it must extend beyond the borders of Europe. For further reading, please visit MarketWatch.

David Osio’s Team at Davos REG Launches New Mobile App

Davos Financial Group has made an announcement on the launch of its new mobile application “Davos CAP Calculator.” The application which is available on both iPhone and Android devices enables investors identify property through their mobile phones and then forwards reports to respective agents at Davos. Davos Financial Group was formed in 1993 by David Osio with a focus on giving sound financial advice to its customers. Their aim was to formulate a strategy that would meet expectations and needs of its customers by offering quality service through its team of specialized professionals.


Gerard Gonzalez, Executive Director of Davos REG, said that the application would allow investors to have a better financial vision before they buy property. Gonzalez has been working for several months with Technolution on designing of the application. He said the application would allow customers make estimates on gains from real estate investments. Gonzalez added that investors can now predict prices on rent of property within their income range. The application will also allow its users to estimate their mortgages as per the banks’ projections, funding duration, and associated interest rates.


According to Gonzalez, Davos REG has embarked on several projects to provide exceptional services to its customers. The company has partnered with real estate agents internationally to provide its services beyond its borders to Europe. The development of the project and future projects has propelled the company’s platform of agents by 60% with an estimated sale increase of 75% in the first half of 2016.


Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, an international financial group of independent and licensed companies. For over two decades, the company has been offering financial advisory services to its clientele in the Latin American market. Osio completed his degree with honors in Law in 1988 at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. He did further studies at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos and later at the Institute of Finance in New York to sharpen his skills in investment banking.


Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. He guided the company’s growth and expansion into the international market. Besides its geographical expansion, he has also been working at the helm of Davos to increase the business’s income level. Before forming his company, Osio served at Banco Latino International as the Vice President of commercial banking. He helped the company achieve significant portfolio growth.

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Cotemar Company Growth Over the Years

Cotemar is a great company for a variety of reasons. Not only does it make a lot of money, but the company also invests in the local community. This is something that people should learn about making an impact in the lives of others. Cotemar is a company that is dedicated to new science and technology within their field. This means that they are constantly investing in the future growth of their business. With all of the new drilling technology on that is in the market today, it is no wonder that Cotemar is set up for success.


From the time the company was started, Cotemar was always something designed to be great. A lot of companies today lack the capital to invest in the areas required for strong growth. The leaders of Cotemar knew that technology would drive this business in the future. There are a lot of people who are interested in taking things to the next level within this company. If you are someone who needs help running a business, learning from the team at Cotemar is the way to go. See:


The oil boom in Mexico is one of the biggest economic stories of the year. A lot of companies are making money off of this boom, including large businesses like Cotemar on In the coming years, the company wants to continue to invest in areas that are going to require a lot of capital. The good news is that this capital can come from the sales that the company is getting from the new oil being discovered. If you are interested in joining the field of oil drilling in Mexico, there is no better company to work for than Cotemar. In addition, Cotemartreats employees really well relative to other companies within the oil drilling and exploration industry.

Don Ressler Builds His Career Further By Pushing JustFab To Cover Europe

The world of entrepreneurship is complex and only those who are informed well about business are able to survive the tides that come along the way. With professional assistance and a creative mind, one is able to achieve great things in business. Some of the individuals who have proved to defy the odds to rank as leading entrepreneurs are also the ones that extend a hand to support upcoming entrepreneurs. One such expert is Don Ressler, who is known for the success he has achieved in his different businesses.

Don Ressler has been working with different professionals to manage his leading store in Europe, JustFab. His career as an entrepreneur spans over 15 years and when he began he launched, a company that offered fitness products. He ran the company for few years and in this period he was able to come across lessons that equipped him for his future endeavors in business.

Don Ressler wanted to move to a new idea, so he decided to sell The transaction proceeded well and in 2001 the company was handed over to Intermix Media. He also met with Adam Goldenberg in the same session and they signed an agreement to partner in their next business.

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New sizes for JusFab

While working together, they founded Alena Media. The company helped businesses, both small and established, to market their products to reach more customers.

With sufficient capital and experience, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler went ahead and established Intelligent Beauty, a company that is designed to offer an online outlet where buyers can find awesome beauty deals. It has maintained its profitability since it became operational in 2008.

JustFab is one of the most important ideas Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg ever pursued. This is a company that they launched in 2010 but its infrastructure is different in the sense that it offers users a unique way to shop for fashion products. The company allows clients to enjoy great offers through the subscription system it works with. It has received several rounds of funding, with the first two coming in 2011 and 2012. During the first round, the company was given $33 million by Matrix Ventures while the second was valued at $76 and came from different companies. This money went to developing the company to enter more markets.

Launching Innovative Training as a Service Offering

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Palm Harbor, FL. It is one of the leading document-processing and research service provider to the residential and property mortgage industry. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. provides services to mortgage lenders, investor services. The company has partnered with the top 10 mortgage residential services businesses in the country. For this reason, they have expanded their performance portfolio in the industry. The company has also contributed to transparency in the local community. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. it was ranked as one of the fastest-growing corporations in the country. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. won the Tampa Bay Awards as the top 100 best workplace in the world. For more information, please visit the company’s website.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has announced a newly-designed service to provide high-end training on the residential mortgage finance and foundations. For years of development, the new offer provides the state-of-the-art package training for lenders, mortgage services, and investors. The three-day training service will be delivered at any location upon request. Moreover, they can also access the training at the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Training Center in Dallas, TX and Palm Harbor, FL.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. President of Technical Excellence, Dave LaRose, said that the industry is a veteran with over three decades of professional experience. Dave is the company’s expert in training and quality.


According to him, the company’s rejection rate is less than 1 percent. For this reason, they are better than any other company in the United States. Because of this perfection, they have increased their client base manifold times. Dave said that Technical excellence means that the corporation is committed to active achievement. This new training will enable people to comprehend their services in any process of their mortgage loan acquisition. When they grasp the meaning if these events, they become more educated and make fewer mistakes on the way.


Moreover, the program clearly explains why their processes are important to providing security and integrity to the United States land records at the state levels. This training will benefit the attendees in numerous ways. Intensive and continual training is the key to meeting the compliance requirements. According to him, this knowledge is conveyed to their employees. For this reason, they have extended to the general public for better understanding.

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