Goettl Just Got You Covered During Summer

Worried about the sweltering heat during summer and bills going up trying to keep your home cool? Worry no more. Goettl Air Conditioning, the HVAC experts, have taken your concerns into considerations without you breaking your bank to stay cool. They have the best tips on how to keep your home cool and comfortable during summer, and ensure your bills remain intact. Find out the secrets below.

Top AC Maintenance

Everything works well when handled and maintained with care despite the initial purchasing cost. Systems wear and tear with time, but with proper care, they will serve you more than you expected. The AC is subject to dust, particles, and other foreign objects during summer. Clear all this up, and place the unit a few meters away from any vegetation. Also, make an effort to replace your filters at least once in 90 days.

Install a ceiling fan

Never underestimate the power of ceiling fans in providing a cooling effect. Ceiling fans help to improve cool air circulation in the room. The fans spread the cool air in the room, and apply more air conditioning effect with less additional energy. Surprisingly, the U.S. Department of Energy notes that the system can still maintain cool air even if you raise the thermostat degrees by an additional four degrees.

Save money by getting smarter

Who doesn’t want to cut on bills? I guess we all want to. Get smarter by upgrading to an automatic thermostat that even senses when no one is around and turns off the cooling effect to minimize costs. Additionally, the new thermostats can be programmed to raise temperatures while you’re away and keep the air cool once you check in.

Place the unit under the shade

We all cool ourselves under the shade when it’s hot, right? The thermostat also works well when placed under a shade. That is because the unit doesn’t have to work as many times to produce cool air.

Goettl has managed to maintain the top position in the HVAC industry since its founding in 1926. Their primary objective is customer satisfaction. They do so by providing unmatched air conditioning and heating services in Arizona.

Through its founders, Adam and Ted, Goettl High Desert Mechanical Company has made the citizens of central and northern Arizona happy by providing excellent heating and cooling solutions. The company also has specialists who offer timely services when called upon to install, repair, and service the units. Follow their Facebook page