Allowing Consumers To Taste Wine Before Buying Results In More Sales

For the Traveling Vineyard, using independent representatives, called Wine Guides, to market their wines is the ideal business concept. Although the company produces excellent, award-winning wines at affordable prices, consumers will not know how much they will enjoy the wine unless they taste it first.

Typically, a store selling wine will not allow customers to taste wines in the $14 to $25 price range, however, the Traveling Vineyard’s representatives hold in-home wine tastings so that consumers will discover that their wines are as remarkable as the experts at the World Wine Championship in Chicago claim.

Wine Guides have their own home business where they arrange with hosts to come to their home at hold a free wine tasting for the host’s friends. Guests taste five exclusive wines, socialize, learn about sommology and discover how to appreciate wine like an expert. Individuals interested in becoming a Wine Guide for the Traveling Vineyard receive training, so that they can expertly lead a wine tasting, prior knowledge is not required.

A typical Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is someone who wants to earn extra cash working evenings and weekends, while setting their own hours and building a business for themselves. While Wine Guides, as they gain experience, turn the opportunity into a full-time career, others are content to supplement their household income. As a home-based business, working with the Traveling Vineyard has multiple benefits, including low startup costs, no inventory to stock, a ready-made website and complete training. As guides discover, promoting the Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wines is effortless compared to selling plastic storage containers or cosmetics because wine is a consumable product that makes the perfect gift.

The Traveling Vineyard’s social media accounts explain the opportunity in detail through videos and stories from Wine Guides.