The Sweet Life: How One Chain Revolutionized Salads


Just months after graduating from Georgetown University’s undergraduate School of Business, three young guys set out to revolutionize the fast food business with Sweetgreen, a Farm-to-Table salad chain—and they succeeded.


Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman grew the business with the intention of pursuing their passion for entrepreneurship with the purpose of creating something beneficial to communities. The Washington-based chain opened their flagship store in Georgetown in 2007 before branching off to more than 60 locations in California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. What is even more remarkable is that they were able to re-market the idea of a salad from something that was seen as boring, bland, and expensive to something that is healthy, filling, and delicious at an affordable price.


The keys to their success, Ru says, has to do with they way they entered the market and chose store locations. For example, when they opened their first store in New York, rather than choosing a location surrounded by several techs and media companies swarmed by chains like Chipotle, Sweetgreen opted to open at 28th and Broadway: a chic neighborhood. Next, they opened in other affluent and hip neighborhoods in Williamsburg and Tribeca. The design of the store is just as important as the food that is being served, says Ru. In his words, Sweetgreen is designed like an Apple store: upon stepping inside, a customer is welcomed with clean, seamless designs and a friendly team. The first thing a customer sees is a large open kitchen with fresh ingredients arranged in an orderly fashion; being transparent about their business practices is important to customers to get their trust and increase and maintain a customer base.


Sweetgreen has tweaked some practices over the years. First, instead of having an assembly-like process, each customer is served one-on-one. While this may take more time, it improves the accuracy of the ordering process. Second, there is an option to order in-store or with the app. If ordering with the phone app, there is a separate line that customers enter to pick up their personalized order they made via the app. Ru and his team also spent a significant amount of time working on the visual appeal of the food photography to giving customers a sense that they are in the store when they order on their phones.


Where does Sweetgreen get its ingredients? The team meets with farmers to determine a few things before meeting with landlords and creating a contract. Rather than requesting the farmers to grow a particular vegetable, they ask what is currently being grown and grows well. This practice has resulted in Sweetgreen introducing customers to non-traditional vegetables they would never have eaten like broccoli greens, which look like lettuce but are healthier.


Nathaniel Ru and his cofounders, as mentioned earlier, care about passion and purpose. They celebrate this idea with annual “sweetlife” festivals, bringing together good music, great food and a community of people who all share the same principles in life.

Taking a Look at What One Entrepreneur Has Done Differently

A few adjectives can be utilized to describe Alexei Beltyukov as a businessman, a colleague, and an employers, and they all lead to the simple fact that his entrepreneurial skills are highly advanced than others, and it was more than enough to allow him to conquer differences and spread his companies’ reach from Russia to the United States within 12 years.

Educational Background

He got close to not becoming an entrepreneur during his scholastic years for the reason that Alexei Beltyukov already received a Doctorate in Medicine with a concentration on Internal Medicine at the Ural State Medical Academy in 1994. However, by 1997, he stood behind his decision to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration from the INSEAD campus in France.

After obtaining the new degree, in 2012 he studied Disruptive Technologies at Singularity University, and then entered Stanford University for Building a Successful Business for the Internet of Things in 2015.

Work History

Alexei Beltyukov has been serving at the top of various companies at present, yet like most people, he began as a company employee. To be specific, he was an Associate first in McKinsey & Company before getting a promotion to become its Engagement Manage by 1998. The type of work he did in this institution allowed him to handle diverse projects related to insurance, mining, oil, and transportation, as well as the re-writing of a railroad plan.

After years of employment, Alexei stepped up to be Renova Project’s Chief Executive Office. This financial management firm was managing 300 million dollars at the time, and they were related to floundering establishments such as factories, banks, ports, and realty companies. When he resigned from the Renova Project, he joined the Skolkovo Foundation to handle 1.5 billion dollars of funding that the organization possessed.

Business Ventures

Alexei Beltyukov became an employer when he built A-Ventures, a company that provides turnaround assistance to commercial institutions, from scratch in 2007. He also founded other firms like the Endemic Capital and the New Gas Technologies which both deal with the international crowd. His only firm that solely serves the people in Russia is the Mechanicus

Squaw Valley Addresses Water Concerns

Squaw Valley is recognized as one of the biggest resorts in the world. Just recently, the resort management issued a statement to respond to the news reported several weeks ago. According to the news, E. coli and coliform bacteria were discovered in the drinking water at the resort’s upper mountain. At first, the health issue was reported on November 8th this year at the Placer County Department of Environmental Health.

After the news were reported, Squaw Valley decided to treat the water consistently, and there have been some improvements. Four wells serve the upper mountain, and three have shown significant improvements. Currently, there are very low levels of coliform in the water, and there are no E. coli bacteria. According to Wesley Nicks, the director at the Placer County Environmental Health, the water will be safe for drinking soon.

Most of the restaurants found on the upper mountain were closed due to the health risk, and the skiers visiting the resort are not allowed to drink the water until the bacteria issue has been resolved. There were no health matters reported during the entire period and skiing is still allowed at the resort because there are no health risks. Squaw Valley management has come out to state some facts about the health concern.

In October this year, there were unusually heavy rains in the region, and these affected the water systems at the Placer County. This was an unusual weather concern at Squaw Valley, and it led to the inundation of the upgraded water system that was installed during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. The heavy storms resulted in the contamination of the system.

During a routine testing done by the resort, the problem was detected, and it was immediately reported to the Placer County Environmental Health. The Squaw Valley Public Service District also received the report. The leaders moved fast and contacted some of the leading water experts in the country. These professionals have played a great role in addressing the serious problem. The experts are still working hard to ensure that all the water in the system has returned to its original and safe levels. The institution has announced that it will not return to its normal water usage at the Gold Coast or the High Camp until they have been assured by the concerned health officials and experts that the water is completely safe for human consumption.

Squaw Valley has also stated in the press release that the safety of their client is imperative. This is why the issue was taken very seriously, just like any other safety concern in the resort. As the issue is being addressed, the guests visiting the High Camp and Gold Coast will be allowed to access the usual facilities from the resort such as free bottled water that will be used for drinking. When the experts have confirmed that the issue has been resolved, the resort will inform its guests in different parts of the globe.

Fabletics Brings Positive Vibes and Reviews for Your Yoga Game

The workout wear extraordinaire Fabletics have become an iconic and successful company in the athletic wear industry. Their business model is also different from other workout fashion retailers. They handle business through VIP memberships and with guest shopping as an option.


The active wear of Fabletics is designed to be flexible and adjust with your body as you stress and go through full vinyasa yoga flows.


Fabletics sells tops and leggings designed with various active workouts in mind, including yoga workouts. Most of their workout gear can be used for yogis. Kate Hudson -who is the part owner of the Fabletics company-, is an avid yogi. She deliberately ensured most of the clothes could be used to do it all. Because she regularly does yoga, pilates, weight lifting, and jogging it makes sense why she wanted the Fabletics clothing to be multi-use. You can select one full yoga workout outfit each month for a VIP membership price of $49.95. Keep in mind that according to Krazy Coupon Lady the VIP membership additionally permits you to receive free shipping.


Fabletics has been positively reviewed by VIP members on their website and by many other review website. The Trust Pilot reviews site is filled with glowing and positive reviews about the quality of the Fabletics clothing and the ability to easily skip a month if you do not want to be charged the membership fee. The Fabletics company was rated a solid 7.5 out of a scale of 10 by those who reviewed the company on Trust Pilot reviews. The Fabletics company was additionally highly rated by the Krazy Coupon Lady who always is on the search for great deals and coupons. The Fabletics company in her opinion is a perfect company for those who want great prices for great quality products. She called the VIP membership a simple, easy process. You are just charged a monthly fee of $49.95 to buy a full outfit and receive free shipping along with it. She said you can always skip a month if you do not want to be charged and that she found the ability to cancel a VIP membership fairly easy if you just call their customer service. Most reviewers of Fabletics have said they were typically wowed by the Fabletics customer service. When canceling their membership, they found it to be easy and handled in a friendly manner by the customer service staff.


You can buy your yoga gear from Fabletics in the confidence that they will always give you a great price for a full outfit. They will always give you quality yoga outfit choices. And above all, you should always get great customer assistance from Fabletics.

Doe Deere: The Value Of Self Expression In Fashion

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there is one important element that is overlooked. This is the element of self expression. One thing that many people have stated is that when people wear any outfit, the one thing that determines whether it works or not is the confidence that the person has. If the person is not confident with the clothes that she wears, then it is not going to work. It doesn’t matter how well put together it seems. The same can be said for make up. Doe Deere sees the value of self expression when it comes to make up.

One thing that Doe Deere is when it comes to business and cosmetics is creative. She is someone who wants to inspire and encourage. As a matter of fact, she believes that ruling with an iron fist is too old of a way to run a business. She believes that it is better to run a business and lead through positive reinforcement. Ruling with an iron fist is not going to gain respect. As a matter of fact, while people who are uneducated may fear the ruler, the person who has more intelligence will know that there is a lot of weakness in such a ruler.

It is not just business that is being seen as ruled with an iron fist. Doe Deere also sees that fashion industry and the standards of beauty being faced with a similar form of rigidity. She has established her company, Lime Crime, in order to challenge the standards of beauty that have been put in place. For one thing, she wants people to find their own beauty that they are satisfied with.

Doe Deere has not only put together something that captures imaginations when it comes to cosmetics, but has also put together products that are cruelty free. This is becoming more important each day because people now have access to information about companies which will show whether or not the company is worth shopping for.

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Don Ressler Builds His Career Further By Pushing JustFab To Cover Europe

The world of entrepreneurship is complex and only those who are informed well about business are able to survive the tides that come along the way. With professional assistance and a creative mind, one is able to achieve great things in business. Some of the individuals who have proved to defy the odds to rank as leading entrepreneurs are also the ones that extend a hand to support upcoming entrepreneurs. One such expert is Don Ressler, who is known for the success he has achieved in his different businesses.

Don Ressler has been working with different professionals to manage his leading store in Europe, JustFab. His career as an entrepreneur spans over 15 years and when he began he launched, a company that offered fitness products. He ran the company for few years and in this period he was able to come across lessons that equipped him for his future endeavors in business.

Don Ressler wanted to move to a new idea, so he decided to sell The transaction proceeded well and in 2001 the company was handed over to Intermix Media. He also met with Adam Goldenberg in the same session and they signed an agreement to partner in their next business.

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While working together, they founded Alena Media. The company helped businesses, both small and established, to market their products to reach more customers.

With sufficient capital and experience, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler went ahead and established Intelligent Beauty, a company that is designed to offer an online outlet where buyers can find awesome beauty deals. It has maintained its profitability since it became operational in 2008.

JustFab is one of the most important ideas Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg ever pursued. This is a company that they launched in 2010 but its infrastructure is different in the sense that it offers users a unique way to shop for fashion products. The company allows clients to enjoy great offers through the subscription system it works with. It has received several rounds of funding, with the first two coming in 2011 and 2012. During the first round, the company was given $33 million by Matrix Ventures while the second was valued at $76 and came from different companies. This money went to developing the company to enter more markets.

James Dondero Recieves New Appointment

James Dondero has recently been appointed to the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. James Dondero has enjoyed a full and lucrative career. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors and from the McIntire School of Commerce with multiple majors in Finance and Accounting.

Dondero went on to start his career working for Morgan Guaranty in the training program before going on to work at American Express, help build out the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life, and then went on to begin his own company, Highland Capital Management.

Due to his new appointment to the board, James Dondero has expanded Highland’s already sturdy commitment to SMU.

Dondero stated that The Cox School at SMU is one of the contributors to the Dallas, Texas vibrant business community, something his own company Highland Capital benefits from, and he is honored to be a part of it and take part in the growth and initiatives that are currently underway.

Along with his time serving on the SMU Cox Executive Board, James Dondero also holds a high level leadership role at Highland Capital, is the Chairman of NexBank and NexPoint Residential Trust and Cornerstone Healthcare, as well as CCS Medical. He also serves on the board for Jernigan Capital and MGM Studios.