How Much is an Online Reputation Worth?

The importance of what an online reputation says about a company or its services and products is of great importance today. As a recent article stated, the weight of an online reputation will continue to press on companies for a long time to come. The online marketplace is now just as viable and lucrative as store fronts and the real world marketplace.

The resulting impact on companies today is a demand and need to be represented in a favorable light within the online marketplace. This is done by managing a company’s online reputation, by ensuring that companies display their services, products and who they are to customers in positive and beneficial ways. Among other points within the aforementioned article, are 5 key factors on which reputation management services must stress. These factors range from social media PR to search engine dominance.

Due to the demand upon companies to manage their online reputations, a new arena of business has been developed around online reputation management. Reputable companies like, Reputation Management Fixers work exclusively to provide businesses the means and tools necessary to manage and promote a strong reputation.

Using online reputation management companies is not only a form of insurance to fight against bad press, customer reviews and attacks, but also one the singular most effective ways to build a good reputation today. With the scope and numbers of customers that are now being reached via the internet, the ability to both, hurt or improve a company’s reputation has never been easier.
These reputation repair services enable companies to focus on the business of doing business, while having the confidence that their reputation is reflecting precisely what is desired about their business, products and services. How much is that worth?

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How Mike Baur is Promoting the Next Generation of Technologists

The field of technology is very competitive. This is why most startups end up failing due to lack of business mentorship, and venture funding. These two factors form the spine of every young business. When Mike Baur founded the Swiss Startup Factory, few people understood his intentions. However, the venture has gone on to be immensely successful because it gives startup entrepreneurs in the field of technology a platform to launch their entrepreneurial careers.


To guarantee the success of this venture, Baur and his team formulated a three-month business accelerator program whose objective is nurturing business ideas. This is done by providing the upcoming entrepreneurs with mentorship, financial banking, and workstations. This helps sustain them in business during the tentative stages. During the course of the program, investors are also brought on board to help finance projects being undertaken by the entrepreneurs. All this is done to help young technology upstarts to gain a foothold in whatever business they are involved in.


Baur came up with the idea of starting the Swiss Startup Factory after noticing that most startups were struggling, and failing within the first few months of formation. Therefore, he wanted to cushion startup entrepreneurs from turbulent market forces. To ensure that the technologists benefit maximally, he links them up with mentors who are successful businessmen in their own right. The expertise and experience of these professionals goes a long way in steering the upcoming technologists towards entrepreneurial success.


Swiss Startup Factory has become popular because it offers pragmatic business and technology classes, which help catapult young entrepreneurs into business success. The incorporation of the SSFU accelerator program is similarly beneficial since it has a market-oriented approach, which prepares mentees for market dynamics in the field of technology.


Mr. Baur’s Résumé


The Swiss entrepreneur has defied all odds to become one of the most prominent businessmen in the country. Mike is a native of Fribourg, and had dreams of being a successful entrepreneur since childhood. He studied at New York’s Rochester University, and The University of Bern where he specialized in banking and finance.

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Before embarking on entrepreneurship, Mike Baur was a renowned financial expert, and had a remarkable banking career. He always longed to tutor upcoming entrepreneurs about corporate success, something that saw him start the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.