Highland Capital’s CEO James Dondero Has A Diversified Group Of Assets

Hedge fund investor James Dondero continues to stay in the financial news. Dondero is one of the top hedge fund managers in the industry, and he is known for finding assets that look dead, but come alive when few people expect them to recover. Dondero did that when he invested in Argentina debt bonds in 2014. Jim proved he knew what he was doing when that invested returned 25 percent the first year. Dondero likes to invest in the healthcare sector, in energy, IT, and consumer-related assets. His most recent purchase was Relypsa, a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes polymer-based medicines that treat illnesses that are usually overlooked and go untreated.

Another interesting recent investment is Dondero’s 11 percent stake in Pendrell. Pendrell is a patent licensing company that also buys and develops businesses with potential. Jim Dondero purchased 23 million shares of Pendrell, and Highland Capital Management purchased 13 million shares. That gives Highland Capital a more than 6 percent stake. The investment in Relypsa and Pendrell are typical Highland Capital Management moves. Dondero likes to take risks before other investors pull the trigger.

Pulling the trigger before other investors react has always been a Dondero tactic. He learned how to read different markets after graduating from the University of Virginia. He founded Highland Capital Management with fellow investor Mark Okada in the early 1990s, and the company got off to a good start almost immediately thanks to Dondero’s connections in the industry.

Dondero is also watching China’s economic situation and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Both of those situations could have an impact on Highland Capital Management assets this year. If China can’t get the economy moving again, and if Britain’s economy starts to slide, stock markets around the world will feel the pressure of a global recession, according to Jim Dondero.  The gold market has jumped more than 20 percent since the beginning of 2016 because of that possibility, according to Mr. Dondero.

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The Innovation of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an expert within the marketing industry and is known to bring up the sales within any company with the use of his innovative investment strategies that promotes an efficient company within just months of Kenneth Goodgame becoming a part of the company. Kenneth Goodgame is an influential operations manager who is a leader of the marketing industry and is responsible for generating millions to even billions of dollars to clients of his innovative services that he provides. With the combination of merchandising and marketing, Kenneth Goodgame has always been considered ahead of his time with the many solutions and strategies that he uses within the companies that he works with. With his smart business strategy, Mr. Goodgame always comes up with the optimized solutions that are cost-effective and that continue to work in the long-run. with experience in several different industries, Mr. Goodgame is the individual to hire.

The goal of Kenneth Goodgame is to deliver a balanced business plan to the companies that he works with. Mr. Goodgame always focuses on finding a balance between corporate alignment as well as employee engagement. Though focusing on the customers is a good strategy that promotes revenue within the business, Goodgame also follows the strategy to please the employees and to give them incentive to work at 100 percent. This strategy leads to quality improvements within the company and promotes the right kind of leadership that grows a company rather than stunts the potential of the company and the future path it takes.

Kenneth Goodgame, with a degree in marketing, has used his natural talents for innovation and his formal schooling to become a part of several different industries at some of the top companies in the world. Mr. Goodgame and his talents have promoted an efficient company and has also promoted employee happiness by allowing each individual to become creative and truly contribute to the company.

How Eric Pulier Got Interested in Tech Startups

The fast-paced world of tech startups is a long way from where Eric Pulier came from. Eric managed to become a big success in this industry in a relatively short period of time. The story of how he did this is quite remarkable. Eric Pulier was a child who was very gifted in school. He was not sure what type of career that he wanted to pursue. It was his senior year in high school when he made the determination that being an English literature professor would be the ideal job for him. This is because he had always loved to read the the hours would not be very demanding.

Little did Eric know then that he would end up getting involved in a completely different career following his graduation from Harvard. Things started to change during a fateful visit to a conference where many tech ideas were being discussed. Eric found himself drawn to some speeches that were being given by several people who were involved in tech startup companies. At that time, Eric did not even know what a startup was. He became intrigued with the idea of starting his own company from the ground up. Eric knew that he wanted to be his own boss. At that point, being a college English literature professor did not seem so appealing to him.

Eric could see that cloud computing was the future of technology. He knew that many companies would be using the cloud for data storage because of the great security that it offered. He made a pitch to several investors who agreed to put money into his new startup. Eric then contacted his close friend Frank Martinez and together they launched ServiceMesh in 2008. The company was involved in a variety of different areas of cloud computing. It would go on to become a huge success.

John Goullet and Diversant Are a Match Made In Heaven

When Diversant, the famous, popular, and reputable IT staffing company, teamed up with John Goullet, who is now a member of their leadership and advisory board, many people expected great things. Diversant is a company with a motto that they stand by, which is empowered by difference. In a world where people tend to be copycats or do things everyone else, they are looking to be cutting edge, outside the box, and look for different and unique ways of doing things. They help set up the greats in the IT world with Fortune 500 companies. They are also minority-owned and they are giving jobs to people that might otherwise get overlooked because people don’t look at the talent that they possess.

Everyone at Diversant plays a vital and important role in the success of the company. It is not a one man show. Even though certain employees might have more responsibilities and more to do, no one has an unimportant role at Diversant. Any great team or great staff knows the importance of communication.

For John Goullet, the principal executive of the company, he came on board with the company in 2010 after he and Gene Waddy, Chief Executive Officer, saw that they could build something even greater. Goullet had previously run Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that had to find solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Once they came together and worked as one, they became a dream team. John brings that experience from working with Fortune 500 companies and that helps a great deal with Diversant.

In the end, John Goullet is thrilled to bring his ideas, thoughts, and beliefs to Diversant and Diversant is over the moon about having him on board. They see him as a valuable part of the company and someone that does a lot of good. It is always great when two people can work out an arrangement where everyone wins in the long run.

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