José Auriemo Neto Is An Experienced And Reliable Real Estate Investment Advisor

Need reliable real estate investing advice? Want to find a real estate investing expert or property development firm that provides high quality training or coaching in Brazil? If you are interested in starting your own real estate business in Brazil, then check out José Auriemo Neto.

Nowadays, many people are looking for ways to start their own business or make supplemental income. They want high quality training or advice that can help them get started on their way to financial independence. This means you need to have a good understanding of how successful real estate investors implement effective strategies and techniques to their business.

A great way to start in any business is to get help from some who has achieved success in the field and has the resources to guide you. A reliable professional will give you an insight into what works and to do avoid. You’ll learn what problems investors face and the how they overcome those.

It is highly recommended to seek the services of an experienced and reliable professional before starting a real estate business. Venturing into the field without proper preparation or adequate knowledge will lead to frustration.

Although there are many firms and consultants out there offering training and coaching to beginners, you need to choose a reputable professional. Take the time to do your research and you’ll certainly find a professional who is well known for rendering top notch advice and guidance.

José Auriemo Neto is one of the leading professionals in the real estate field and has been providing help to others who want to attain success in this fabulous industry. Maybe you have heard about the excellent services that José Auriemo Neto provides to beginners and even experienced real estate investors.

Understanding Rejuvenation Biotechnology

The SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Organization is a company that deals with anti-aging research. According to recent reports, the organization is focusing more on age breakers. Age breakers are also defined as treatments that focus on glycation end products that form on the skin and muscle tissue. It is these products that are responsible for degrading blood vessels and the skin. Scientists have realized that glucosepane is the major end product affecting humans hence they are focusing efforts on breaking down glucosepane from tissues. The expected end results would be sustaining the muscle and skin tissue more hence retaining the youthfulness of an individual.Jason Hope is one of the major donors in the course towards anti-aging research, among other wealthy donors like Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal.

Thiel donated at least $3.5 million in 2006 only, which aided the company pilot its research projects. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are also investing into similar rejuvenation biotechnologies such as the Calico Company where they invested $100 million. Calico is headed by Apple chairperson, also former Genentech CEO, Art Levinson.Thiel and Jason are some of the major entrepreneurs that are seeking to invest in the future of humanity. In his website, Jason pointed out that he has a personal passion for helping out the humanity, including offering business advice to companies that are contributing to social and scientific causes. He is of the opinion that while most medical research centers require good funding, it is the brains behind the organization that help SENS Foundation to stand out.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a British biogerontologist who works as the chief science officer in the foundation. He has since become the voice of reason in the anti-aging industry, and he is popular for his controversial TED Talk where he mentioned that the first humans to be 1,000 years old are currently living today.In current topics, rejuvenation biotechnologies are seemingly taking the current paradigm in the healthcare industry with many companies thinking of eliminating aging as a great risk to losing the market for pharmaceutical drugs that produce products for the ailing, aging populace. The old are mostly affected by diseases hence the largest market for pharmaceutical companies. However, the truth still remains that ending aging does mean cheating death. As such, the breakthroughs brought about by rejuvenation medicine are not necessarily opposing the current trends on diseases.

Mark Mofid, An Insight Into Specialized Gluteal Augmentation Procedures

While the majority of the plastic surgeons in the US, refuse to dabble with gluteal augmentation procedures due to the risk of unsatisfactory results, only a few surgeons such as Dr. Mark Mofid are brave enough to complete these surgeries. One might wonder, why does Mark Mofid, agree to perform these risky procedures and how does he always pull it off correctly without any hitch along the way.

Based out of San Diego and La Jolla, this experienced surgeon only accepts requests to complete buttock augmentation surgeries after he has spoken to the patient in detail about the desired results, assessed possible risks as well as possible outcomes and explains the process to the patients in detail.

Mark Mofid, firmly believes in accepting patient requests for buttock implants only if they meet two pre-requisites that are mandated by his work ethics. The first is, the process should be safe for the patient, the second is, the implants size shouldn’t exceed 350 ccs. Any procedures that require the use of large implants, especially those that do not agree with the body type and frame of patients is quickly declined by this surgeon, and here is why. Large implants tend to head south after the surgery is completed, and often they settle in the nether regions, which make the results less than satisfactory and often troublesome for the patient.

While Mark Mofid, does perform implant-based augmentations, he is also skilled at using fat to enhance the shape and appearance of buttocks. This plastic surgeon has also completed corrective surgeries on patients who have in the past either chosen wrong surgeons or chosen incorrect sized implants. The results of these operations have been better than expected mainly due to the Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant he has decided to use for most procedures. By using a mildly tapered low-profile round implant to offer shape and to reduce intramuscular positioning issues, the result is often realistic appearing buttocks that do not look like they have been artificially enhanced and more

Clients and staff members who have worked with Dr. Mark Mofid often refer to him as an expert with augmentation procedures and a specialist with a calming attitude. One of the reasons, this surgeon has been able to provide excellent results to patients is because he furnishes patients with realistic expectations while helping them understand the benefits of low profile round gluteal implants as opposed to massive and artificial looking designer implants.

Why Mike Baur Helps New Entrepreneurs Start Companies

As an entrepreneur himself, Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman who has offered his advice to others who want to start their own businesses. He co-founded a company that helps entrepreneurs through the earliest stage of forming a new company. This company is Swiss Startup Factory and he is a board member. At this company he helps guide these new business owners through mentoring and providing office space. He also helps them financially by giving them access to his network of venture capitalists.

When it comes to having a great idea to build a business around, Mike Baur says that the ones that come spontaneously are always going to be better than ones where you specifically set out to come up with some brilliant idea. He says a great idea usually occurs in circumstances where you identify a need for a product only to find out it doesn’t exist. Your new business can be built to solve that problem by creating that product.

Mike Baur says that many people don’t realize how easy it is today to research a business idea before launching a company. He says that you can easily and swiftly create a website with not much money. He also points out you can use Whatsapp and come up with a big test group quickly. He says this costs nothing at all except a bit of your time. He says that modern technology has made it so that launching a new company is better than it’s ever been in the past.

For about 20 years Mike Baur was an executive in the Swiss banking industry. When he was 39 years old he founded his first company, Think Reloaded. This company offered his professional strategic advice to those who were wealthy. It was in 2015 that he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory and today it is the number one business in Switzerland that acts as a business incubator. He attended the University of Rochester New York where he graduated with an MBA. He also attended the University of Berne and earned an executive MBA.

Over the years Mike Baur says that he received a lot of very average new business pitches. He decided that a lot of new entrepreneurs really needed help creating these pitches. That led to Swiss Startup Factory which he says acts as a boot camp so that people can learn how to pitch their ideas much more effectively.


Ecommerce Personalization and Using the Best Software Applications for the Consumers Needs

If your ecommerce site is going to be successful in the future, it is important that you become familiar with a wide range of different marketing strategies. Specifically, if you are interested in using the latest technologies in the industry to promote your products and services. Fortunately, there is a vast wealth of information online that addresses different types of marketing campaigns and the most common methods used in growing an ecommerce business. However, as time passes, the trends are changing so the software that’s used is helping to produce personalized customer experiences. Some of which focuses on incorporating artificial intelligence.

With the combination of artificial intelligence and ecommerce personalization, ecommerce store owners can increase their revenues substantially. This is because these campaigns and techniques are currently being used by the giants like Amazon and they are very successful in ensuring revenues for these businesses grow substantially based on these latest technologies. So, it is essential that new and existing ecommerce site owners know what they can do to incorporate these innovative techniques and methods into the plans that they are developing. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

Aside from ensuring new marketing plans are designed and launched correctly, these ecommerce site owners must be able to keep up with the most recent ways to devise a strategy. Especially, if they want to increase the site’s conversion rates and the associated revenues. In order to accomplish the goals and objectives set for each ecommerce store, however, the owner and their representatives will also need to review software applications that can do a wide variety of different things including the following.

Change the Content for Each Individual Shopper

When a site owner is searching for good quality software that will meet their requirements for the best ecommerce personalization experience, it is important that they purchase software that will push notifications and custom modals in a user-friendly and scalable environment. Normally, this type of software is ideal for site owners who are looking for ways to dynamically modify content based on individual consumers that visit their site.

Creates Unique Persona

Because ecommerce personalization is primarily about using big data to complete a variety of different activities and task, one of the most important factors in this area is to create a unique persona for each visitor. For instance, some of the top software applications in this industry will deliver highly personalized content in order to provide better results on a larger scale.

Todd Lubar Embracing Smart Homes

Technology advances each day. What we view as common today was a future dream many years ago. Today’s youths were introduced to technology from their childhood. During their parent’s day, current technology was unheard of. Todd Lubar says that watching movies such as the Back to the Future will make you understand that what seemed out of this world technology is currently being used by many people of different ages. Looking back thirty years ago, no one had ever heard of video conferencing. Today, at least each person in the United States has tried to use it once in their lifetime. The advancement in technology has had an impact on the daily living and has improved the lives of many. Check out his page.

According to Patch, in the past, some homes were specially created for people who have special needs. For instance, individuals requiring wheelchairs would have ramps installed for them. Older people would have their rooms placed with handrails. The modern technology, however, develops homes that go beyond the ancient accessibility modifications. It is available for any person who needs to ease up their lives. A house can be fitted with smart lighting which can be useful for persons with disability but is not limited to them. Many homes in the United States of America have started to embrace smart home technology. The technology does not only reduce the chances for people with disabilities getting accidents, but it also helps them become more independent. You can visit Medium to see more.

Todd Lubar is positive that homes will eventually be Smart. Mr. Todd Lubar is a real estate expert who is situated in Baltimore. He attended school at the Syracuse University. Lubar has a vast experience in real estate and uses it to ensure that his clients get only the best deals. For some time now, Todd Lubar has been taking structures in Baltimore that are not used and turning them into smart homes. Baltimore has a low cost of living as compared to the national capital. For this reason, young people have been investing here. Entrepreneurs with technology businesses fit the scope of Mr. Todd Lubars vision of the smart homes.

A Solution To Patient Shortage

Dental professionals do more than you might think. They provide patients with important knowledge on good oral hygiene, preventing dental decay, and generalized dental treatments. A dentist plays a multitude of roles in their practice. Often, this is very time consuming and tiring over the course of their career. The fact is that running a dental practice takes time and a tremendous amount of effort. Generally, it takes years to build up the practice and attract enough patients to make it successful.  MB2 Dental offers dental practices a solution to their practice to help attract patients, run the practice efficiently, while they devote more time to patient care.

MB2 Dental

The fact is that MB2 Dental has been providing dental practices with a wealth of solutions to help them run their dental practice more efficiently. They supply important solutions to keep the non-dental tasks running smoothly and without a hitch. The important services provided make it possible for the dental practitioner to stay focused on patient care.

MB2 Dental Services Provided

Let’s take a look at the top services that are provided by MB2 Dental.


  • IT – MB2 provides the latest IT solutions to help manage the office and keep it running smoothly
  • Billing & Collections – Don’t waste your important time collecting insurance information and preparing billing. Let MB2 Dental handle all that paperwork
  • Marketing -Let the company provide a solution to patient shortage by designing a marketing program that is guaranteed to bring in new patients
  • Recruiting – Our team of experts will make sure that your office is filled with a very experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Supplies – MB2 Dental will make sure that you are supplied with all the right items to keep the practice running smoothly
  • Business Development – We provide solutions to help your practice grow or build another practice
  • Training – You want the best staff. We deliver the best staff by providing the proper training

If you would like to learn more about all the solutions that MB2 Dental is able to supply to your practice, contact them immediately.

Larkin and Lacey

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an Arizona advocate organization in Arizona that was founded by journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The Fund’s beginnings are an interesting set of grass roots advocation. Jim and Michael have always defended the plight of the Hispanic population against injustice in Maricopa County.

Both Messrs. Larkin and Lacey were the managerial leaders of the news publication called the Phoenix New Times which covers news out of Phoenix and Arizona. One night, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a Maricopa County enforcement unit violently broke into the residence of Larkin and Lacey and took all their journalist notes and documents.

Jim and Michael were arrested and jailed. It is believed that this break-in and arrest was a setup by Sheriff Arpaio because he was tired of the exposure and coverage that the newspaper was consistently covering with information provided by the two journalists. Jim and Michael sued the Sheriff and the county officials.

Five years later, the jury in the case sided with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy and awarded the journalists $3.75 million – thus the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded.

In the meantime, Sheriff Arpaio sought a seventh term, but he lost the election. Also, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was arrested for criminal contempt involved in the 2013 Manuel Melendres case. The case centered around the harsh tactics that then Sheriff Arpaio used in rounding up undocumented immigrants.

The case entered evidence that Sheriff Arpaio disobeyed a 2011 Order to stop his tactics of rounding up immigrants which resulted in the contempt charges against him. His added punishment was to make restitution payments to his victims.

In August 2017, President Donald Trump pardoned his friend and political proponent Joe Arpaio. Civil rights groups, the American Civil Liberties Union in Arizona, and the Larkin Lacey Frontera Fund voiced their disappointment in this move.

President Trump did not have to wholly pardon Arpaio, but instead could have commuted his sentence. But by pardoning Joe Arpaio, his case is dismissed and so is his wrongdoing of discriminating against Latinos in unlawful and harsh arrests.

However, the U.S. District Judge stated that despite the pardon by the President, she would not change the historical facts of his case and that she would not vacate her ruling of finding Joe Arpaio guilty of his criminal contempt charges.

Additional national comments included that ignoring the unconstitutionality of these events, it is bad news for a president and a nation.

Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Dr. Villanueva And MB2 Is Modern Day Dentistry

Working in the field of dentistry for several years has taught Dr. Chris Villanueva many things. One of the many lessons that Dr. Villanueva learned, is to create your own lane, utilizing your passion. After previously working in the private sector and in corporate dentistry, Dr. Villanueva knew the pros and cons of both practices and decided to take action. With this effort, he founded the practice management network called MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a dental management network, created to connect sole practitioners with corporate dentist, and to fully maximize service provision to patients. Their main goal is to make dental work easier for their dentists, creating a more safe and simple work environment, while aligning dentist who have special attributes and certain skill strengths, with patients’ specified needs. This also improves the network’s customer service, brand loyalty and credibility.

Because the MB2 Dental network is fully owned by dentists, the system is more relatable to their members. This is further seen in their membership advantages. For instance, the entire network is fully automated, so dentist don’t have to deal with the hassle of daily business operations and administration. The MB2 system handles all accounting, billing, recruitment and hiring, as well as marketing and business development strategies.

The MB2 Dental network is covered in six states, with over 80 affiliates and 1,000 employees. Dr. Villanueva knows that it’s a blessing that he still has the opportunity to maintain his practice, and spoke on how his MB2 network enables him to fulfill his dream of “promoting the best of the best of sole-practitioner and corporate dentistry sides of the industry.”

The essence of MB2 is in the belief that dentists can achieve much more as a connected unit than as individuals. Dr. Villanueva set out to eliminate the negative perceptions associated with traditional dentistry practices, providing patients with a modernize system that inspire its’ doctors and positively impacts the lives of their patients.

Although born in Ohio, Dr. Chris Villanueva grew up overseas in Asia and South America spending his high school years in Venezuela. Before before becoming a certified dentist, Dr. Villanueva honed his craft for years, working as an associate dentist and associate dentist trainer. Not only is Dr. Villanueva a dentist, practice owner and CEO of MB2 Dental, he also serves as a mentor and educator for students in dental schools and as Dental Director.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Over As Chairman, Still Has To Perform Role Of CEO

Luiz Trabuco is an incredibly well reputed name in the banking sector in Brazil. He is known for leading one of the biggest banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco. He is considered to be an incredibly effective leader and has won several awards for the work that he has done.

He was given the award for Entrepreneur of the Year for finance by This Is Money, an incredibly well known financial magazine. In 2009, Trabuco was listed as one of the most influential people in Brazil and one of the best CEOs, which were inferred upon him by Forbes Magazine.

Trabuco is a graduate of the St. Paul Marilia College and attained a degree in philosophy from there. He later went on to do a postgraduate course in Social Psychology and was given a degree by the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo.

Trabuco has led a brilliant career at Bradesco, having worked there from such a young age. He started working as a bank teller for Bradesco when he was just seventeen. He worked at several positions at one of the bank’s branches, and slowly climbed the corporate rung. Hard work and dedication have been two of the principles that Trabuco has lived by, and are two things that have helped him through the course of his career. He then went on to work at the Insurance segment of Bradesco and worked his way up to become the CEO of Bradesco Life and Pension. During his time as the CEO, the company saw an incredible improvement, not just in the operations, but in the profits that they earned as well. The company soon developed to be a leader in its sector, and Trabuco gaining an incredible reputation for himself.

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After leading that division of Bradesco for a considerable amount of time, the company executives thought that it was time to get Trabuco onboard, working at the main headquarters of the entire company. He was soon given the position of CEO of the main company which he worked at, until now.

Earlier this year, Trabuco came forward to announce the retirement of longtime Chairman, Mr. Brandao. Brando had been serving for over twenty-five years in the same position and now was ready to step down at the age of ninety-one. He was the oldest bank chairmen in the entire world and was highly regarded as being among the people that built the foundations that Bradesco stands on. With the most important position within the company left vacant, Trabuco was asked to step in and take over as the new chairman of Bradesco.

However, the company has not yet chosen who Trabuco’s successor would be. The company has a long-standing history of only electing people to higher positions who have worked for a considerable amount of years at Bradesco. To this effect, there is a limited pool of people that can become the CEO of Bradesco, which analysts have been speculating over, even though the company has not given out any official information. Until the new CEO is selected Mr. Trabuco will be performing both the roles, of CEO and Chairman of Bradesco.

Having as much experience working at the company as he does, Trabuco is proving to be a brilliant fit for the position of chairman. Even though he is performing both the roles at the company, the executives at Bradesco are sure that he will be able to fulfill them with absolute ease.

Bradesco will most likely announce the new CEO to the company at the shareholders meeting, which is set to happen at the end of the financial year.

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